Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Win on Wed…. had technical difficulties…

Ok, so I know you all won’t be happy w/ me not having my Win on Wednesday: Contests Around the Blogosphere post, but I’m having issues. First, Google Reader yesterday wouldn’t work. Then today multiple internet crashes. Add in the craziness of this birthday bash thing, and well, sorry again.

I will however point you to a few places that have contest listings, so you can get your weekly fill.

First, a shameless plug for my own contest!

I have had giveaways everyday since the beginning of May, and you can enter until May 31st. Most are international. If they aren’t, it’ll say so in the post.


Abigail at All Things Urban Fantasy, who is the source of this Wednesday feature, has a list of 103 urban fantasy giveaways!

Book Faerie has a place where you can enter in your own contests every week!


It’ll be back next week! Sorry again!

1 comment:

Stella (Ex Libris) said...

No worries! It's your birthday, celebrate! thanks for these 2 great sites, have a great day, and see you soon! :-)

Happy Birthday Amanda! :-)