Saturday, May 1, 2010

Welcome to My Giveaway-A-Day Countdown to My 25th Birthday Bash!

*Contest is closed*

I’d been thinking about this for awhile, the whole what am I going to do for my birthday thing. Finally I asked you all before my 113 Follower Giveaway what you all wanted me to do and most seemed to be thinking along the same lines as me. So, I kept that a bit smaller, so that I would be able to do something better for this! I just had no idea that so many authors, jewelry makers, and fellow bloggers would be so willing to help! I <3 you all!

So are you wondering about the ridiculously long name for this thing? I like making things complicated and hard for Beth to fit on a button! No really, I don’t pick my names for things they are what they are and then I’m stuck w/ something crazy long. But it is for my 25th birthday, and there will be a giveaway everyday from now until then, so what else was I supposed to call it?

Enough rambling and on to the not so fun but important part, the main rules NRSVampChick style.

  1. Have fun! It’s a celebration! I’m a quarter of a century old, so lets at least make this an enjoyable experience! Besides, stuff is being given away!
  2. Opinions stated in guest posts and interviews by others are not mine, obviously, so if you have a problem with them, well don’t read the post or ignore it. That’s what I do. It’s not that hard. :)
  3. You must be a follower to enter. It just makes things easier, including tracking you down if you win.
  4. Must be at least 13 to enter all contests, and at least 18 to enter several of them. For the 18 ones, they will be marked, and it’ll be pretty dang obvious on one of them lol.
  5. If it says that you have to ask a question or comment along with filling out the form, I really mean it. If you don’t do it, you won’t be entered. Ok? Good, because chances are, you’ll have to do that. :D
  6. Each contest will say whether it is for US only, US & Canada only, or International. Sorry it isn’t always up to me.
  7. All contests will run until May 31st 11:59 CDT. Winners will be chosen by and announced June 4th.
  8. I reserve the right to throw in extra prizes for whatever reason at any time. It’s my party remember. (These extra prizes may be done a little differently.)
  9. Since I’m sure I’ve forgotten something that will need addressing, I reserve the right to add on to these rules if needed. Did I mention it’s my party? he he

Now, assuming that you didn’t quit reading the post when you saw that rules were being given, it’s time for the fun part! A giveaway!

Today’s Giveaway is Swagtastic! I have tons of bookmarks, and may have requested a few extra things lately getting ready for this.  Not all of it is here yet, so there will be more winners and more prizes added to this giveaway!

*Contest is closed*

5 winners will receive:

  • 2 Adrian Phoenix bookmarks (Black Dust Mambo & In the Blood)
  • The Dark Divine by Bree Despain sticker
  • Hunger by Jackie Morse Kessler button (1 person will get a Bad Blood by Mari Mancusi magnet instead)


2 winners will receive this:

  • misc. swag of mine


More will be added in as it arrives! There are also still more bookmarks hanging out in my room waiting for a new home, so there will be more winners for this contests than the 7 listed so far. Here’s what’s going out so far.


Now it’s time for you to go fill out this nice form here and you’re entered!

This contest is 13 and up and international!

Feel free to stick around and chat and let me know what you think.



Rae Reads said...

Crap! I sent the form before I was finished. Should I do it again or leave the rest in a comment?

Natasha A. said...

Congrats on what looks to be an amazing event!! AND Happy 25th Birthday!!!

Diana (Book of Secrets) said...

Happy Birthday! This is an awesome contest. I put your contest button on my blog & filled out the form!!

Amanda Leigh said...

@Rae Reads- Just send it again. That's fine. I've done that before too. :)

@Natasha A- Thank you thank you!

@Diana- Thanks! Yay!

mbreakfield said...

Happy Birthday! I love swag!

Tawania said...

Great contest! Happy birthday. Love Ya!

Amanda Leigh said...

@mbreakfield- Thanks! Happy to hear it!

@Tawania- Thanks! Love ya 2!!

mountie9 said...

Its your birthday - we should be giving you presents - DM me your address and I will send you a homemade card & a $10 walmart card, since it is American and cannot be used in Canada -- buy a book or something with it from Me and Natasha A
Oh yeah and great contest I am going to enter ; )

Amanda Leigh said...

@mountie9- *bounces up and down in chair* Really? For me! Cool! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Congratulations on the start of your birthday festivities! Let the games begin...
Theresa :)

Aria said...

Let the games begin...and I say you can be whatever superhero you want! I'll even share, no, since it's your Birthday, you may have Angel. But just for the month. Then I want him back! LOL! Thanks for having me...Congrats lady!

Amanda Leigh said...

@Theresa- Thanks!

@Aria- Aw, how generous of you! LOL And no problem, thanks for helping me out! :)

MissBohemia said...

So the countdown begins & it's going to be fabulous :-)

Happy Birthday

Much love

Jen N / Miss Bohemia

vvb32 reads said...

happy happy 25th!

Amanda Leigh said...

@Miss Bohemia- Yay! Thanks! <3 back at ya!

@vvb32- Thank you!

Cecile said...

LOL!! I love your rules honey!!!!!! Awesome! And yayayay on a bday party! I think you know I love parties!!!! I hope you have a blast!!!!

misskallie2000 said...

Happy 25th. This is a great age so enjoy every minute.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

Andrea I said...

Happy Birthday and Happy 25! My mother's birthday was on the 13th.

Amanda Leigh said...

@Cecile- Glad you enjoyed them! lol I'm very rarely serious, if you hadn't noticed. hehe And so far, I am having tons of fun!!!

@misskallie2000- Thanks so much!

@Andrea I- Thanks! I noticed the past tense there, I'm so sorry.

Karen said...

Happy 25th! It will be my 50th this year! OOoooo. I don't feel much different....hehe..advice I received.....enjoy every year...don't put off anything...give hugs to everyone you meet...and the biggest advice that was given to me on my 25th was...always forgive...hate makes you ugly...ha ha! Hugs to you my new friend.

Amanda Leigh said...

@Ms.Karen- Thanks so much for the advice. I love the one about forgiving b/c hate makes you ugly! LOL I hope you have a happy birthday this year as well!

Elizabeth said...

Happy early birthday !
your turning 23 now your car insurance is going to go down now.

Moonsanity said...

Oh my young friend, I'm going to turn twice your freaking age in June. The big 50:) Just slap me now. LOL

Happy Birthday!

Kris Star said...

I can't wait! You are just sooo adorable, and younger than me *CRIES* Stop itttt! <3 you girlie


MarthaE said...

Hi Amanda! I'm new to your blog and checking out the rules. Sounds like you are having a great birthday bash!
Happy Happy Birthday to YOU!
I'll be back to enter some of the contests. Great Idea!
THANKS for sharing your party with the blog community!

R.E.B. said...

I want to enter all of these, just running a little behind this week. Gotta support the fellow vamp girls, you know. :) Hope your birthday's going great!

Amanda Leigh said...

@Elizabeth- Thank you!

@Moonsanity- Slap you, ok. High five! LOL

@Kris Star- Aw! <3 you too!

@MarthaE- Thanks for joining us! I'm having a blast!

@R.E.B.- It was a blast thanks so much! You still have plenty of time to enter!

heatwave16 said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Quick question,

when the form asks if you are twitter/facebook follower & asks for a link, what do you mean?

I've just been putting in my twitter id & link to my facebook profile, but that feels wrong/