Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shop on Saturday (15)

Here are some of my findings around Etsy this week:


I think is Ravens Skis Brass Necklace by Outside Cat Arts is very unique.


I love this Little Red Riding Hood by Clear Jade Studio.


The Great Queen Morrigan 4 in 1 Feather Capelet is by Liaison.


This Nouveau Victorian Style Necklace by De Poppenkraal is gorgeous!


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Love love love that first necklace! What great finds! :) Theresa

Shooting Stars Mag said...

ooh i like the robe. do you mind if I use this idea as well? shop on saturday, I should set up a mr. linky or something. it looks fun and I'm always finding things I'd love to buy.


Amanda Leigh said...

@Theresa- Thanks! Yeah, that necklace was too awesome not to be included! I haven't seen anything like it.

@Lauren- Sure go ahead! I can do a Mr. Linky too from now so that you can link back to it. :)

MissBohemia said...

All gorgeous finds as usual!

I love the Raven necklace ~so unique & the Nouveau Victorian styled Necklace is to die for :-)

Amanda Leigh said...

@MissBohemia- Thanks! Yeah, I thought the raven one was so awesome!