Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Laura Stamps Interview & Giveaway!

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For Day 5, we are joined by Laura Stamps for a very fun interview! Though, if you are under 18, it is probably time to stop reading now.

Thank you so much for joining me in my Giveaway-a-day Countdown to My Birthday Bash! It's lovely to have you!

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Sure. I’m a shameless slut, exhibitionist (BTW, have you seen my lingerie pics at Facebook? *kinky grin*), and voyeur addicted to lust, trashy lingerie, sex, and men’s dangly parts. I’m like the living version of one of the heroines in an erotica novel. I don’t just write this sex stuff. I live it.

Oh, wait! You wanted my official “author” bio, didn’t you? Sorry! Okay, I’m an award-winning erotica and paranormal romance novelist, whose daily blog is wickedly naughty (gee, what a surprise!). My work has been published in over a thousand magazines, literary journals, and anthologies worldwide. The recipient of a Pulitzer Prize nomination and seven Pushcart Award nominations, I’m the author of more than forty-five books. A Wiccan Faery Witch, Empath, and Psychic, I enjoy writing novels about contemporary Pagans living in the Deep South. Because I portray Pagans realistically, my novels are full of real spells, chants, and rituals (I guess you could say what is paranormal fantasy to most people is real life to me *lol). You'll also find romance and HOT sex in my books. Why? Because I’m totally oversexed and LOVE it (gee, what a surprise!).

Who are my publishers? A more accurate question would be who are my publishers “at the moment”? The last year has been insane for me in that one of my publishers suddenly went out of biz in March 2009, I got a new agent in June 2009, I signed a contract with a new publisher in February 2010, parted ways with my new agent in March 2010, and started publishing again with Kittyfeather Press in March 2010. Helluva a year, huh? *lmao* But at this moment, on April 22, 2010, my novels are published by Kittyfeather Press and Trytium Publishing. See? It’s definitely a moment to moment thing for me. Really. lol

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been a fulltime, professional writer for 23 years.

Can you tell us a bit about The Witchery Series?

It’s a sexy paranormal romance novel series in paperback at the moment (remember, that’s the key phrase for me) but should be coming out in ebook by the end of the year. In this series you’ll meet five wonderful Witches: Savannah, Maylene, Mirabella, Noelle, and Ravena. There’s something for everyone in this trilogy. The novels range from empowering to romantic to erotic. You’ll also find real spells, chants, and rituals in each one. Big fun! I wrote this series because I wanted to show people what real Witches and Pagans are like since we’ve gotten such bad press for the last 2000+ years. I also wanted to show people how incredibly sexy Pagan men are. So I have yummy, hunky Witches, Pagans, two-natured Fey (yes, they do exist), psychic vampires (yes, they do exist), vampires, and shapeshifters in this series.

A Vampire's Kiss

Now, I know A Vampire's Kiss is a spin-off of The Witchery Series, can you tell us about it and whether or not it can be read on its own?

It is a serialized, romantic erotica series in ebook. In this series, you’ll meet Drayton Manigault, the owner of Manigault Technologies and one of the richest businessmen in Columbia, South Carolina. Dray also happens to be one of the oldest vampires in the city. All the Witches in The Witchery Series novels return in this series for lots of erotic, vampy fun with Dray, Val (Dray’s older brother), and Atwell Gibbs (their cousin). Did I mention how gorgeous these vamps are? Oh, yeah, they’re smokin’ HOT in and out of the bedroom. Trust me! *lusty grin*

Yes, it can be read on its own. I write four novels series. The Witchery Series is the main series, and the other three are spin-off series. They all involve the same community of characters. But they can all be read on their own. Anyway, because of the publisher hubbub the last 16 months, I ended up going that long without a new novel being published. HORRORS! Not to mention there were six finished books of mine waiting to be published during that time. Yeesh! So to treat my long-suffering fans I released the vamp series as a monthly serial through Kittyfeather Press. It’s like a sexy, X-rated vamp fix the first week of every month when each new installment is published. Yummmmmmy!

If you couldn't tell by my name, I'm a bit of a vampire fan, what is your favorite paranormal being?

Damn, that’s a tough one. I almost said a “hard” one, but you told me to stay PG for this interview, and that’s one of those word-triggers for me, so…. *lol* I adore the shapeshifter in my Witchey Series who has his own spin-off series called The Rune Witch Series. But I would have to say vamps are my favs. Vamps are sex-on-a-stick, and their bite gives you an instant O. I mean, what’s not to like? Duh!

Who are your favorite authors? What about your favorite movies?

Emma Holly, Kathy Love (her 2 vamp series are awesome), Sherrilyn Kenyon, Delilah Devlin (HAWT cowboy erotica), and Lora Leigh (Bound Hearts series). Fav movie? Underworld ROCKS!!!

What is your best birthday memory? Just in case let's keep it PG-13. LOL

How did you know I was thinking HOT b-day sex? Oh, you read my naughty blog posts for the two weeks before and after my b-day this year on April 2, didn’t you? Whew! Can you say “Sexfest”? Oh, yeah… *sex-obsessed grin*

What are you working on right now?

When I’m not writing my monthly e-newsletter, or email mailings to my list, or weekly blog posts, or my “Dear SexWitch” sex advice column in “Witches & Pagans” magazine, I’m working on the vamp series. Like every day. Series novelists are strange creatures. If we go too many days without working on one of our series we’ll need serious meds. Being that I’m already delusional and always think I’m 18, I try to avoid the men in white coats and work on my series every day. Yesterday was a good example. I keep vampire hours, working until 3-4:00am, crashing, then waking up at noon, and starting all over again. But yesterday was my monthly acupuncture treatment, and it’s at 11:00am. SHIVERS! So I was awake yesterday for 20 hours. And I got 11 hours of writing in: 6 hours to write the April issue of my newsletter, and 5 hours of writing on the vamp series. The Manigault Vampires series is unique in that it is unlimited, so I spend a lot of time on it. All my other series are trilogies (The Witchery Series, The Rune Witch Series, and The Faery Witch Series). You can go to to read more about all of them.

Do you have any upcoming appearances?

Not at the moment (amazing how that word keeps popping up, isn’t it? Of course, “popping up” sounds good too. Yummmy! But I digress…). Anyway, I used to do booksignings every month at my local Waldenbooks. But Borders closed 200 of their 300 Waldenbooks and Borders Express stores in January, and that was one of them. Bummer, cause I met some cool fans there from around the country. Plus, it’s in the mall, and the eye candy in the Deep South (I live in South Carolina) is AWESOME! Hunky guys of all ages with long gorgeous hair. Yumm! Sometimes I would be so enthralled with all the tasty male flesh walking by in the mall I’d forget I was there to sell books. Oops! Okay, so I’m a cougar. But that’s a good thing, right? lol

Where can we find you? (website, blog, twitter, facebook, etc.)

Everywhere, actually. Here is a list of the sites I’m at every day. Friend me, collect me, follow me, or just play with me (purrrrrr…..!). I’m totally game. *kinky grin*

To see all my novel series:
My verrrrry naughty blog:
My “Laura Stamps” Fan Page at Facebook:
Follow me on Twitter at:

Thank you so much for joining us for my birthday bash! It's been fabulous getting to chat with you!

Everyone that isn't all! Laura has been kind enough to provide me w/ 20 signed postcards to giveaway, and boy are they entertaining lmao! Not only that, you can also win the 3 months of The Manigault Vampires that are out so far!

~15 postcard winners chosen from the US entries.

~5 postcard winners chosen from the international entries.

~1 winner chosen from the overall entries to receive the 3 months of A Vampire’s Kiss that is out now.

To enter please fill out this form and leave a comment or ask a question for Laura who will be stopping by off and on later today. We’re going to have a party from 4pm-3am EST! After today, let me know what you think about the idea of a serialized erotica novel.

If you need to know anything else check out the rules, and don’t forget to check out the rest of the events!

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SiNn said...

i think a seriliezed erotic novel is an awesome idea and that cover is justyumy lol

Paper Cut Reviewer said...

Hi Amanda! Hi Laura *waving*! Wow Laura you Ma'am are a very interesting woman and so are your books!:) I think it's great that you actually use real chants, rituals and spells in your books. Not to mention the sexy Pagan Men, Hunky Witches, vampires, and shapeshifters. You definitely have my attention:) Well your stories sound fun and passionate so I will definitely start reading your books. Great interview!

Thank you!

Linda Henderson said...

You are a new author to me, but I'm definitely interested in reading your book.

Nastassia said...

I like your unofficial bio. Your books sound great .

Laura Stamps said...

Thanks, SiNn! I agree. I definitely squealed when my cover designer showed me this one. She is a very very talented woman. And this cover is soooo purrfect for Dray and Sara's story.

Paper Cut Reviewer, big wave to you too!! I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. I had major fun with it. Yeah, I thought it was important to show people what Pagans are really like. Can't remember if I said this or not, but my readers read "The Witchery Series" with sticky notes and a yellow highlighter cause there is so much good stuff in them they wanna go back and use some of these things in their own lives. Totally cool with me cause that's why I put them in there in the first place. You can find all my books and series at the vamp site (, including signed copies of "The Witchery Series" novels with my verrrry naughty personalizations (of course *kinky grin*).

Thanks, Linda! I'm glad you enjoyed the interview! If you would like to keep up with my books (I have a bunch of new ones coming out in the next few months) send me an email at to get on my email list. They always hear about everything first. ;)

Thanks, Nastassia! Yeah, I'm one of the wildest & kinkiest of the erotica novelists out there. I write what I live. But then my two goals in life are to have as much fun and sex as I possible can, so....why shouldn't I? lmao!

Laura Stamps
The Magickal SexWitch
Author of Paranormal Erotica & Romance Novels
(HOT Vampires, Shapeshifters, Witches)
To see all my novel series:
My verrrrry naughty blog:
My “Laura Stamps” Fan Page at Facebook:
Follow me on Twitter at:

Amanda Leigh said...

@SiNn- That really is perfectly yummy cover is it not!

@Steph- Hey! Laura is a riot! And she might cause one one day! lol Or have you already? lmao

@Linda- I'll be reviewing her serialized novel here, month by month, so watch out for that!

@Nastassia- lol I did too, though I was getting scared for a minute there I would have to change to an over 18 warning page... ;)

@Laura- Thanks so much for the interview! It was tons of fun & the giveaway is great! I'm glad you could stop by today as well!!!

Laura Stamps said...

Hey, Amanda! Hmm. Seems to me I have caused a riot at least once, but for some reason I can't remember at the moment. Mainly because I'm always getting into some kind of trouble or another (and Wes is always yelling at me for it). Oh, wait! I remember now. I caused a riot at every one of my booksignings at Waldenbooks. No wonder they said I was their fav author. *wicked grin* Hey, not my fault! I was born without a filter on my mouth, so I'm not responsible for the trashy things I say at my booksignings and how all the women giggle and the men blush. It's genetic with me. Really. ;)

But since you've been following my late-night Twitter conversations with Spicy Vamp, I have to say I may cause one with her. She mentioned last night she has Weres guarding her bed at night. Oh, really? Weres are sexy as hell! I told her instead of them scaring me away I was gonna drop by one day when she's sleeping and check out their "tools." She was speechless on that one. What can I say? All men are fair game for me. Now I just need to get that chilly chick to Vegas so we can party with some of those hunky 20-something strippers over there. That'll warm her up. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr....!

BTW, did you like how I said "tools" instead of, well....ya know. See? I can be PG and help you avoid one of those Under 18 doors. Kinda. Maybe. Not! *falls over laughing*

Jennifer Mathis said...

your new to me but i loved the interview, you naughty girl lol.

Julie said...

This is a great giveaway. The book sounds really interesting.

Andrea I said...


I always love your interviews. They're so entertaining, but the best is your blog.

Amanda Leigh said...

@Laura- I'd say I'm surprised, but I'm not. Not at all. lol You and Spicy Vamp's convo's crack me up, though I will beg and beg and beg to join you for a trip to Vegas if you ever talk her into it. And yes, good job saying "tools", I'm very proud. lmao, or is that imao. lol

@Jennifer- Oh, she's always tons of fun!

@Julie- Glad you like it!

@Andrea I- Yeah, she does pretty much rock, doesn't she!!

Laura Stamps said...

Thanks, Jennifer & Julie! I'm so glad you enjoyed the interview.

Andrea, is right. My blog is as wickedly sex as my novels. What can I say? I'm an exhibitionist. So it's natural I would put my real smokin' hot sex life on the web in the form of my naughty blog, right? *lmao* If you've never seen it, check it out at Yeah, it's totally W*IC*K*E*D!! You can tell just by the titles of the posts.

Also, everyone on my email list gets a blog notification and link when a new post goes up on Wednesdays. So if you like my smutty blog you might wanna sign up for my email list. They also receive my naughty newsletter every month. Just send me an email at and I'll put you on the list.

Yeah, Amanda, I DO have a door on my trashy blog. LOVE my door!! Keeps me out of trouble with the censors. Kinda. BTW, looks like Spicy is out of her coffin. She just thanked me for NOT dressing her in my fav zebra-print panties while she slept. I told her I wouldn't do that to her. Boinking her hunky Weres AND dressing her in my trashy lingerie might be too much for that 5000 year old vamp chick to handle. See? I can be considerate of others. *falls over laughing*

Oh, and I might mention, everyone, I got kinda cared away (and this is a surprise? *lol*) with the postcards Amanda is giving away. I wrote naughty personalizations on the back of each one. Just whatever popped into my head. Scary, I know. ;)

Amanda Leigh said...

@Laura- Yeah, we're trying to get Spicy to come to the #vampireparty on Twitter. And I saw your tweets. ROFL Too awesome! Don't wear out her protectors.

Yes, the postcards all have been signed and plus some by Laura. LMAO I was so tempted to keep some of them for myself, but I'm not, don't worry. :)

Laura Stamps said...

Yeah, I figured you might wanna keep some my vamp postcsrds for yourself, so that's why I made dupes. lol

Poor Spicy! She's afraid I'm gonna lurk her Weres away from her with wild sex. Duh! That's a given. Men will be men, ya know? lmao!

Cruised your #vampireparty on Twitter when I saw the mention of it. How is it going? Is it a new thing that just started?

Amanda Leigh said...

LOL, I though about keeping them... but decided I'd be nice and give them away. *sigh*
Men will be me, weres will be weres, vamps will be vamps, it's all the same..except Spicy lol.
The #vampireparty is new. I don't know if it's something we're going to try to keep doing or not. We'll see I guess.

MissBohemia said...

Hi Laura / Hi Amanda

I loved your interview!

So funny and sex-rated! I can't wait to read your series! I've been looking for some sexy paranormal books ~ just what the Doctor ordered!

Now I need to check out your blog!

Amanda Leigh said...

@Miss Bohemia- LOL Glad you liked it! There's always fun to be had when Laura's around!

Leilani @Leilani Loves Books said...

Greta questions!!
I must say Laura, I cant wait to see how you respond to my questions.

Amanda Leigh said...

@Leilani- I can't wait to see another interview by Laura either. Such fun!

Misty said...

"Men's dangly parts"
lol. Fan of those myself...

Amanda Leigh said...

@Misty- LOL As am I.

debbie said...

I wouldn't mind it, if they could keep up with a plot, and not get repetitive.

Book Sake said...

Oooh lots of my fave authors are on your fave author list too.