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Review: Midnight Reign- by Chris Marie Green

"Night Rising" was only the beginning... Dawn Madison reluctantly came to Los Angeles in search of her missing father and found instead a world of murder and the living dead she never imagined existed. When a new vampire slaying lures Dawn deeper into the underground, her alliances in the sunlit world shift. Now she has only herself to trust and her newfound skills as "a spunky vampire slayer" ("Publishers Weekly").
(Summary from Chris Marie Green's Vampire Babylon website.)

Midnight Reign picks up about a month after Night Rising left off. Dawn Madison is still in L.A. looking for her father, who disappeared while on a case for a P.I. firm. This firm is more than meets the eye as Dawn soon found out. She had been thrust into the world of the supernatural. Now that she has learned to cope with the fact that vampires and other supernatural beings are real, she is training hard to best prepare herself to take them all on, especially the vampires.

Dawn isn't alone. She has help in the form of a now injured psychic Kiko Daniels, a latino techno-wiz Breisi Montoya, and the still mysterious Jonah Limpet, aka the Voice, the never seen boss of the P.I. firm. There is also now her friend Jacqueline Ashley, an up-and-coming actress who has an incredibly eerie resemblance to Dawn's deceased mother Eva Claremont. Oh, and don't forget the other mysterious P.I. Matt Lonigan, who still pops up at strange times and tries to get closer to Dawn. The real question for Dawn is, in this new world where anything is possible, who do you trust?

Now, a P.I. firm novel would not be complete without something for them to investigate....enter the Vampire Killer. Is it a vampire? Who knows. But someone in LA is killing people, and no one is sure why, other than it might have something to do with Lee Tomlinsin and the Underground. Any information on the Underground is important and could also lead to Dawn's father, so the team investigates.

Also, throughout this novel are several chapters that go into the back story of the Master of the Underground and Sorin, his second in command. We get to see how their relationship formed, and how the Underground itself came about.

Oh, and don't worry this book is filled with a few surprises too.

This book was a little different than the first book. Dawn is now fully immersed in the supernatural world and honing her skills, but she is starting to lose some of her self control. Then there is the backstory to the Underground that is thrown in every few chapters that changed the pace of this book quite a bit. Now that I am taken with this world though, I care for the characters and found myself much more emotionally involved in the story and actually teared up a time or two. So, this book is different, but it still has the same great characters, plus a few more, the plot over all was good, and the emotional ride was a lot better. I can't wait until the mass market addition comes out for Break of Dawn on January 26, 2010! Then I can finish the first trilogy of the series.

Vampire Babylon series in order it should be read:
1. Night Rising
2. Midnight Reign
3. Break of Dawn
4. A Drop of Red
5. Path of Razors
6. Deep in the Woods(March 2010)
Check out the Vampire Babylon website to learn more.

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