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Review: Darkling- by Yasmine Galenorn

We’re the D’Artigo sisters: Half-human, half-Faerie, we’re savvy – and sexy – operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. But our mixed-blood heritage short circuits our talents at all the wrong times. My sister Camille is a wicked-good witch whose magic is as unpredictable as the weather. My sister Delilah transforms into a tabby cat when she’s under stress. And Me? I’m Menolly, acrobat-extraordinaire-turned-vampire. And I’d give my right fang to make my sire pay for killing me. That is, if he doesn’t find me first….

All over Seattle, humans have been going missing, only to turn up as newborn vampires - the sure sign of a rogue vamp on the loose. It looks like Dredge is to blame. The same sadistic Dredge who gave me my scars, and who may well be in cahoots with the demon Shadow Wing. If so, Otherworld and Earth are screwed. The only way we can hope to defeat Dredge is for me to travel home to Otherworld, where I must face my own demons. Because unless I sever the ties that bind me to Dredge, all hell is going to break loose....
(Summary from Yasmine Galenorn's website.)

Darkling is the third book in Yasmine Galenorn's Sisters of the Moon series, otherwise known as The Otherworld series. This series is about the D'Artigo sisters, and each book has been told by a different narrator so far. The first book, Witchling, was from Camille's point of view. Changeling was from Delilah's point of view. Now, with Darkling, we finally get to see into the mind of Menolly, the youngest and most reclusive of the sisters. She has been like this for good reason. Twelve years ago, she was tortured and raped by Dredge, leader of the rogue Elwing Clan, when she was found spying on them. He then turned her and sent her home to feed on her family. Luckily, she managed to not harm any of her family members, but her transition into vampirism was not easy.

Now, the sisters are living Earthside in Seattle where sudden murders are going down, and it looks like vampires are to blame. The only thing is that Menolly knows a lot of the vampires in the area thanks to Vampires Annonymous (yes you read that right) and none of them would do something like that. So is there a new player in the area. Oh, did I mention that there was word that the Elwing clan teamed up with a former enemy of the sisters that had escaped from prison, and that they might be headed Earthside.... coincidence? Probably not.

As it turns out, the murders, aren't even murders. Confused? Someone is making a nice big batch of new vampires in Seattle. Could it be Dredge? Menolly has spent most of the past twelve years trying to forget and repress what happened when she was with him, but to be able to face him, she must first face the past. To do this, she'll need a little help, and maybe also a trip to Aladril (the city of seers) back in Otherworld.

Characters returning in this book are of course the D'Artigo sisters, and some of Delilah and Camille's harem (*snicker*). Then there's their Earthside friends who might just have larger rolls to play in the grand scheme of things. Finally Menolly gets some of her own love'n care in this book. Enter Nerissa, a member of the Rainier Puma Pride. She and Menolly seem to have instant chemistry, though some of the things that she brings out in Menolly could be very bad for Nerissa. Then, there's Roz, an incubus and one man armory, sent to help the sisters. He's also on a personal crusade against Dredge, who killed his whole family 700 years ago. Did I mention he's an incubus, just what the girls need, yeah right.

This book has a much darker edge to it than the previous two did, but what would you expect when it's from a vampire's perspective. Not only do we have to deal with the details of how Menolly was turned, but there is her constant bloodlust that she has to struggle with. Getting to know her is fascinating, and she goes through so much growth. The plot is also fast paced and keeps you wanting more. This is my favorite book in the series so far, too bad I'll have to wait for a few more until I'm back in Menolly's head, but that's ok because I do like all of the sisters. One thing I do know is that whatever that mystery thing that was lacking in the first to books for me was, it was in this book and I couldn't be more thrilled! Can't wait for the next!

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