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Lucien Black: No Vacancies Vol. 1 Giveaway! [CLOSED]

It’s day 1 of Lucien Black’s take-over of Not-Really-Southern Vamp Chick. Today, you get an introduction to the first four volumes in the No Vacancies series. Make sure you read to the end to find out how you get one of 3 ebooks of No Vacancies Vol.1!

Lucien Black

No Vacancies Vol. 1 by Lucien Black

The No Vacancies Adventure Series starts here in Volume 1. Using short tales, Lucien Black introduces readers to his episodic on-going series of short tales offering various genres of storytelling including action/adventure, horror, mystery, superhero and fantasy.

Volume 1 introduces two episodic adventures; the action packed High Stakes and the supernatural Outcast. Set in an alternate universe, High Stakes follows Jack Ander, a coward forced to confront his own fears and join the resistance against a powerful super villain group known as the Protectorate. Outcast, set in Hudson, NY, introduces readers to Nathaniel, a wanderer with a hidden secret, following the trail of a murderer leaving mutilated bodies in his path.

One More Sunday, a standalone adventure, follows Hudson's Detective Sam Arkwright as he attempts to put together the missing pieces of a murder; the victim being one of the city's renowned super heroes, The Protector.

Finally in Devotion, Dr. Alastair Cromwell struggles to resurrect his late wife, Annette. Does he succeed in bringing her back from the dead or creating a monster?

With No Vacancies, Lucien Black is creating a universe of unique characters facing impossible odds, blending genres of storytelling into action packed tales. So join us as we enter a world with No Vacancies.


Lucien Black

No Vacancies Vol. 2 by Lucien Black

Lucien Black is back with the second installment of No Vacancies. In the first volume, Black introduced two multi-part tales; Outcast and High Stakes, continued in this volume of NoVacancies.

In part two of Outcast, Nathaniel faces his past as he goes toe to toe with Stephen Taxton and his pack of werewolves. But old friends come to his aid. Will they be able to fight off the werewolves and what role does Adrian Vandenberg play in their lives.

In High Stakes part two, Jack Ander joins up with the resistance but will they be able to escape from the clutches of the Protectorate.

Black introduces a new multi-part adventure in No Vacancies part two. The Independent Initiative introduces Cassie Matthews, a former FBI field agent recruited for a secret assignment; one that just may get her killed.

With three multi-part stories and one new stadalone short story, Black continues to take fans on a wild ride of action, suspense and horror.


Lucien Black

No Vacancies Vol. 3 by Lucien Black

Lucien Black is back with the third installment of the No Vacancies action adventure series. In Volume 3, Black continues the action packed High Stakes, horror tale Outcast, and the espionage thriller The Independent Initiative. Black also offers another stand alone short story called Harvest.

In Outcast Part 3, Nathaniel has fallen into the hands of Adrian Vandenberg and is now a prisoner in Vandenberg Towers. Adrian Vandenberg reveals his secret plan and unlocks the secrets trapped inside Nathaniel. Meanwhile, Nathaniel’s friends come face to face with a pack of werewolves and must fight to the death to stay alive.

In High Stakes Part 3, The Protectorate is hot on the trail of Jack Ander, Sara Scott and the rest of the Resistance. Down in the sewers, Jack and his friends are cornered by a giant alligator, but find their new enemy may just be their salvation. Carl Hunter escapes the city and heads to the rendezvous with Sara only to find a squad of Protectorate Agents and a new threat that has yet to reveal which side they are on.

The Independent Initiative continues with Part 2. Cassie Matthews returns home from her meeting with the head of the Independent Initiative only to find herself confronted by a group of hit men hired by the very same men that killed Dmitri Vostock. Now she finds herself thrust in the middle of a government conspiracy and is forced to take action.

In the short story Harvest, Black delves into the law of attraction between a man and a woman with a surprising twist.

No Vacancies, Volume 3 continues to provide thrilling, action packed takes that bring readers back for more.


Lucien Black

No Vacancies Vol. 4 by Lucien Black

The fourth installment of the No Vacancies adventure series is here. In Volume 4, Black delivers the final episodes of both the High Stakes and Outcast stories, continues the Independent Initiative and introduces a whole new series, Myth.

In the last installment of Outcast, Nathaniel and Ramuel have united as one and now stand together against Adrian Vandenberg. Will their combined strength be enough to stop the magical prowess of Adrian Vandenberg? Will Nathaniel’s friends make it out of Vandenberg Towers alive? Find out in this last action packed episode of Outcast.

In High Stakes, Part 4, everything comes to a head. Jack and the  Resistance come face to face against the Protectorate in battle. Will the Resistance be able to escape and free the children? The first in the trilogy of the High Stakes saga comes to an end with a mind-blowing secret about the Protectorate and their origin.

The Independent Initiative continues with an action packed episode.Cassie Matthews heads to Washington DC to track down the Independent’s killer. When she arrives Cassie comes face to face with another squad of insurgents that are hell bent on ending her life and a Russian operative on a vengeful mission.

In Myth, the first in a new series, Lucien Black introduces Nick Maverick,an A list actor that can’t seem to find work worth his mettle. Instead he  slaves away on the set of a television series called What Lies Beneath waiting for his next big break. What Nick doesn’t know is that he comes from a very powerful and noble family that lives in another realm. Mount Olympus. His father, Zeus, has gone missing and the Gods turn to Nick for help.

Black continues to weave tales of the unimaginable in the current installment of the No Vacancies adventure series.

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k_sunshine1977 said...

i would like to read devotion the most, but there's several stories in here that sound really good!

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yllektra (force-oblique) said...

I really like the sound of these books! :)

Thanks for the giveaway.

Outcast intrigues me the most because, like you mention, it has supernatural elements!
But I have to say all sound really good!

Stephanie said...

They all sound like great reads, but I'd like to read One More Sunday the most because I love detective stories.

Tore said...

I would like to read all of them. Please enter me in contest.

SandyG265 said...

I'd like to raed Outcast the most.
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Melissa said...

My pick is Outcast.

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Jasmine1485 said...

I'd love to read 'Myth', I like reading about interactions between the gods and people, and of the children that result.

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