Friday, October 29, 2010

Feature a Design Friday (9)

This might be the last Feature a Design Friday. I’ll be starting up my jewelry blog soon, so there really isn’t much point in doing this feature. You all seem to agree so far for the most point in my survey. If things tip the other way I could always bring it back I guess, but why show a design of mine every week here when you can go to the other blog! :)

Anyways, for my last Feature a Design Friday I’ll be showing off my mom’s designs actually. I’m curious if you all would like me to add them to my shop. She makes bookmarks out of cardstock. She also has a few gift tags like the holiday ones in the second picture on the right.

Feature a Design,NRSVampChick,bookmarks

Feature a Design,NRSVampChick,bookmarks

So, there are my mom’s creations! Would you like some of them added to my Etsy shop?

Since this is not only my last one of these posts, but it’s so close to Halloween, I thought I’d offer a treat in my NRSVampChick Designs shop. The two Halloween earrings below that were featured a few weeks ago are a special price for my lovely blog readers.

Black Cat Charm Earrings & Skull and Crossbones Earrings

If you want them, just mention ‘NRSFeatureFriday’ in the comments and get $2.00 off. Refund through paypal. Much <3!



yllektra (force-oblique) said...

Wow these are impressive!!
Your mom has talent!

MissBohemia said...

Very cute bookmarks & gift tags! I think you should add them to your Etsy shop! You have a very talented Mom :-)

*Jam* said...

I love bookmarks and your mother's are very cute!!! I agree you should add to your Etsy shop. =)