Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Fall Into Fantasy Event


If you hadn’t noticed (i.e. you live under a rock) there are some fabulous young adult reads that have been coming out lately, especially in the paranormal/urban fantasy genre. There have been so many I’ve wanted to read, I just hadn’t found the time yet. Thankfully Casey from The Bookish Type contacted me about an event she was in the process of organizing, and I jumped at the chance to join in the fun!

From now through November 30th, 14 other bloggers and myself will be posting reviews, interviews, guest posts & giveaways. Authors involved with be Andrea Cremer (Nightshade), Brenna Yovanoff (The Replacement), Lisa Desrochers (Personal Demons), Sophie Jordan (Firelight), and Kiersten White (Paranormalcy). Below is a full schedule of events, but got to The Bookish Type for an updated schedule w/ links to posts at all blogs! :)

Oh, and pay special attention to November 4th-5th, for my book review, interview & giveaway w/ The Replacement’s Brenna Yovanoff. Then on November 18th-19th, I’ll have a book review & interview with Lisa Desrochers about Personal Demons. I can’t wait!



10 – Event Schedule Post

11The Bookish Type Nightshade Review AND The Book Vixen Nightshade Cover Redesign Contest

12The Bookish Type Andrea Cremer Interview

13365 Days of Reading The Replacement Playlist

14Pure Imagination Paranormalcy Review

15The Bookish Type Personal Demons Review

18 - The Book Tease Andrea Cremer Interview

19The Nerd’s Wife Nightshade Review

20The Nerd’s Wife Andrea Cremer Interview & Giveaway

21365 Days of Reading Lisa Desrochers Interview

22La Femme Readers Andrea Cremer Interview

23Literary Obsession Firelight Review

24 - The Bookish Type Personal Demons Cover Redesign Contest

25365 Days of Reading The Replacement Review & Giveaway

26365 Days of Reading Brenna Yovanoff Interview

27The Nerd’s Wife Firelight Giveaway

28Good Choice Reading Andrea Cremer Character Interview & Giveaway

29Susan K Mann Paranormalcy Review

30The Bookish Type Lisa Desrochers Interview


1The Bookish Type Personal Demons Playlist

2365 Days of Reading Nightshade Review & Giveaway

3Pure Imagination Lisa Desrochers Guest Post

4NRS Vamp Chick The Replacement Review

5NRS Vamp Chick Brenna Yovanoff Interview & Giveaway

6The Nerd’s Wife Paranormalcy Review & Giveaway

8Pure Imagination Firelight Review

9Literary Obsession Nightshade Review

10Clandestine Sanctuary The Replacement Review

11Literary Obsession Andrea Cremer Interview

12Clandestine Sanctuary Brenna Yovanoff Interview

15Literary Explorations Paranormalcy Review

17A Tapestry of Words Firelight Review & Giveaway

18NRS Vamp Chick Personal Demons Review

19NRS Vamp Chick Lisa Desrochers Interview

20La Femme Readers Nightshade Review

22Literary Obsession Paranormalcy Review

23Clandestine Sanctuary Personal Demons Review

24Clandestine Sanctuary Lisa Desrochers Interview

25Sophistikatied Reviews Downloadable Book Wallpapers

26The Bookish Type The Replacement Review

27A Tapestry of Words Paranormalcy Review

29The Bookish Type Brenna Yovanoff Interview

30 - Event Wrap-up


Oct 11 - The Book Vixen Nightshade Cover Redesign Contest (Signed Nightshade)

Oct 20 - The Nerd's Wife Nightshade Giveaway

Oct 24 - The Bookish Type Personal Demons Cover Redesign Contest (Signed Personal Demons & Swag)

Oct 25 - 365 Days of Reading The Replacement Giveaway

Oct 27 - The Nerd's Wife Signed Firelight Giveaway

Oct 28 - Good Choice Reading Nightshade Giveaway

Nov 2 - 365 Days of Reading Nightshade Giveaway

Nov 5 - NRS Vamp Chick The Replacement & Book-Inspired Jewelry Giveaway

Nov 6 - The Nerd's Wife Signed Paranormalcy Giveaway

Nov 17 - A Tapestry of Words Firelight Giveaway


Hope to see you here and around at some of the other blogs! It should be a lot of fun!!

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