Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!! All Countdown to Halloween Giveaways Ending at Midnight!


Happy Halloween! Happy All Hallows Eve! Happy Samhain! Happy whatever you may celebrate this time of year! I hope you are having a wonderful time whatever you are doing.

Personally, obviously lol, I celebrate Halloween. It’s always been one of my favorite times of year, if not my favorite. (I really enjoy Christmas time as well, because of all the time w/ family.)

This year I’ve been entertaining my self all month long with as many horror movies as I can possibly fit in every day. Though, most scary movies just make me laugh. I do jump easily, but I’m thoroughly entertained by bad horror movies. If you follow me on twitter you might have caught some of my horror movie tweets. Lol.

So what crazy mischief am I getting into tonight? None. LOL. I’m staying home all day & night. Watching football and scary movies and stuffing myself full of candy. If you do talk to me today, I might be on a sugar high, so I apologize before hand. ;)

It’ll be interesting to see if any trick-or-treators show up. Last year was the first time in 3 years any did. I guess I’ll find out soon!

It’s been such a fun month for me! I hope you enjoyed it too!

Thank you to all the authors, bloggers and everyone else that contributed to this month & made everything possible!


So once again, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Don’t forget to enter all the giveaways that end tonight at midnight CST!

Grand Prize Pack Giveaway (US only)

Surprise Pack Giveaway (International)

Ghost Stories & bookmarks Giveaway (International)

Jenny Pox by J.L. Bryan Giveaway (International)

My Giveaway over at Paper Cut Reviews (International)

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