Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shop on Saturday (18)

Here are some of my finds around Etsy this week!

AISHAX,Trashglam,Etsy,SoS,Shop on Saturday

I love this black lace and velour dress by TRASHGLAM!

zentity,Etsy,SoS,Shop on Saturday

Any gothic loving guys in need of a jacket? This Zemeck Full Length Jacket by Zentity is pretty awesome!

bookshelf,briannakufa,Etsy,SoS,Shop on Saturday

It’s art & a bookshelf all in one! I love this Sun Bookshelf from Brianna Kufa Metal Designs.

decembermourning,Etsy,SoS,Shop on Saturday

I think this Hellebore Embers necklace/choker by December Mourning Dark Arts is lovely and unique!

handbound leather journal,lapaperie,Etsy,SoS,Shop on Saturday

This beautiful handmade leather journal by La Paperie & Cozy has a quote from “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe in the first page with an image of a raven in a tree.

handbound leather journal,lapaperie,Etsy,SoS,Shop on Saturday


So, what do you all think of my finds this week?


Diana (Book of Secrets) said...

The black dress is gorgeous! If only I had places to wear such a garment. It's probably too much for an afternoon at Target, which was the highlight of my Saturday. Sigh...

Cool curved bookshelf!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

i keep meaning to do one of these! Gah. Love your picks though. that bookshelf is great and the journal is pretty cool.


Wings said...

i LOVE the journals you find!

have you found any big ones though? like A4?

I have been looking around and you have got me onto these beautiful hand bound ones...just wondering if you've come across any big ones


Amanda Leigh said...

@Diana- I'm right there w/ ya. At least you went somewhere Saturday. I think I stayed at home. lol

@Shooting Stars Mag- Let me know if you do one! I wanna check it out!

@Wings- Glad you like them! Hmmm.. I think I did find some once... I will try to find them again. :)