Monday, July 19, 2010

BBA’s August Host & Book Poll!

I had so much fun hosting Book Bloggers Anonymous this month! Mind Games was one of my favorite reads this year, and Carolyn Crane is always great to have around! A major thanks to her for all of her help and generosity!!


Now it’s time to get set for next month’s book and host. The next host has been chosen. It’s Chas at Lovin’ & Livin’ Life Reviews! She’s already got the poll up on her blog so you can vote for BBA’s August book. Accidental Werewolf by Dakota Cassidy, Night Keepers by Jessica Anderson, and Dark Oracle by Alayna Williams are the choices. So head on over to her blog & vote now (voting open until July 21st)! You can read more about BBA and the book choices in her post here.


I know she’ll do a fantastic job! Can’t wait to see what we read next!


Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

I voted! Can't wait to see what is up next!

Thanks for all the fun things this month :) I agree Mind Games was fantastic and Carolyn is a doll!

Chas @ LLL Reviews said...

I cant Wait for the next read!=)