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BBA Post: Carolyn Crane Interview Part II & Giveaway!

There was a contest at the beginning of the month were you all were asked if you could ask Carolyn a question, what would it be? Well, I did it for a reason. Here is your interview of Carolyn! ;)

Carolyn Crane

Dwayne: Justine seems like a very unique character. Who/what inspired this character?

Carolyn: As a reader, I’ve just always related more to underdogs and vulnerable characters, so I really wanted to create a heroine like that. You know how some scenes stay with you? I remember a scene in Die Hard where Bruce Willis was crying, because he was walking over shattered glass with bare feet, but he still had to be this hero. Moments like that in books and movies, where strength is mixed with vulnerability, inspired Justine.

Lillie (AliseOnLife): If I could, I'd actually like to ask Carolyn Crane how hard it is, during the writing process, to balance having a strong female character, with a woman vulnerable enough to turn to the male MC for help?

Carolyn: Ooh, what a great question! I don’t like any character who is an island and never needs anybody, whether male or female. I think it’s a point of strength to be confident enough to ask for help when you need it, so that’s something I try to keep in mind. I think as long as a character is pushing beyond her comfort zone, that is the most important kind of strength. My character is struggling to overcome her fear in these three books, and that’s the most critical struggle, and as long as she’s brave in other ways like that, I think it’s normal and even heroic to accept help.

Bethany C: I would ask the author if the model on the cover resembles how she pictured Justine in her mind?

Carolyn: Sort of! The Bantam art department asked me what Justine looked like, and I went on the internet and found photos of women who I thought resembled her. The gal on the cover is a bit more sexy than what I had in mind, but I’m good with that cover overall. (Though, when I was writing the book, I was hoping she could be wearing a bloody nurse’s dress on the cover. LOL. It’s probably good I didn’t get that wish.)

jellybelly82158: I would like to ask Carolyn if there will be more in the series.

Carolyn: Yes! This is a trilogy. Book #2 comes out in September, and #3, the grand finale, will hopefully hit in spring!

Katie A., EVA SB, JenM: I would ask Carolyn if she knew anyone afflicted with a disorder and if that was the inspiration for this book or if it came to her out of the blue and she had to do a lot of research.

Carolyn: Oh, yes. I have several acquaintances and family members who are different degrees of hypochondriac, and I went through a phase with it myself - not like Justine, but enough to get how it works, on a thought level. How a person can fool herself and scare herself.

Tore: What made her decide to write books?

Carolyn: A love of reading, combined with a penchant for daydreaming, I suppose, drew me to write. It just gives me so much pleasure to curl up with a good book. And I’ve always daydreamed scenarios and plots, so it was sort of natural to put pen to paper.

stacey: What gave you the idea mind disorders run in my you know somebody that has one?

Carolyn: Well, many of my pals and family are various shades of neurotic.

Though, one thing - I used to have this friend who was slowly going insane—conspiracy theories, voices, the whole deal. It was really terrible, and sad. And whenever I’d hang out with him long enough, then afterwards, I’d feel a little crazy and wired, too, as if I’d soaked up his tormented energy.

So in a that sense, I think zinging already happens on a very minor scale. You hang out with somebody who’s intensely angry or depressed—or incredibly light and happy, and it greatly affects you. Could internal darkness be weaponized? Could a person deliberately attack another person in that way? Probably not, but that was a germ of the plot, too!

Vixen Pearl: If she could write Justine as a bad guy, what kind of harm could her beloved MC get into?

Carolyn: Ooh, I love when good characters turn bad. Justine is sort of devious when she wants to be, and if I wrote her as a bad guy, I think I might make her angry that she spent so much of her life feeling like an outcast. Maybe a world domination plot! She could hook up with the Silver Widow!

Robin K: What is BBA? I suppose I would ask besides BBA what other networking events is Carolyn part of?

Carolyn: Help! Social networking has taken over my life. Especially Twitter. Also Facebook, and BBA is a group on Goodreads, which I’m on, and I really enjoy. I love making new friends and seeing what people are up to, and what they’re reading.

Sandy!: I would ask her what she does for getting inspiration?

Carolyn: I daydream about characters. Sometimes I also like to go running, and listen to loud music and clear my head and ideas pop in.

Joan: My question, was there ever a time you just wanted to give up? If so, what made you continue writing this book?

Carolyn: Oh, yes, there have been many times. Sometimes it used to seem like everybody had a book deal a year after they start to get serious about writing. That's not my story. It seems like I've been writing fiction forever, and I wrote several unpublished novels, but my books never quite fit anywhere. Then, after YET another disheartening near miss, I sat down and said to myself, Well, what the heck, if I'm never going to sell anything, I should at least have fun. That's when I thought up this plot. And actually, I entertained myself greatly while writing it, but I also worked really hard.

What made me continue is that I believed I could do it. I think it’s key to believe in yourself, and look at your failures as the foundation on which success is built, rather than proof you’re no good. I’m happy for all my failed, rejected books. I think they made me a better writer.

“Lucy & Hikari”: I'd like to ask Carolyn what are some of her favourite songs?

Carolyn: I really like the music of Blur, Aimee Mann, Cat Power, and Alice in Chains.

davidpurse: I would ask her what inspired her to write?

Carolyn: Reading really inspired me. Don’t you just enjoy being in the world of a book? Writing, for me, is a way to be deeper into that. And a love of daydreaming up scenarios and interactions.

Midnyte Reader: I would like to know why Carolyn picked hypochondria as her heroine's flaw? Is it a statement on today's society when there is so much disease and illness?

Carolyn: That’s an interesting thought. I think, with the Internet and pharmaceutical ads, it is definitely easier to get obsessed with health and sickness. In a way, horrible diseases are like the ultimate monster in the closet!

heatwave16: Is Carolyn a hypochondriac or part hypochondriac??? I know my honey has it a bit, even though she won't admit it.

Carolyn: I definitely went through a phase of it! And I know quite a few people who are really serious hypochondriacs. Though, from reader responses, it seems like everybody has a tiny bit of it in them. Good luck to you and your honey!

Hey! Thanks for all these interesting questions! It has been so fun to have Mind Games in BBA! You guys rock!


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I covered some questions in my interview with Carolyn HERE. I didn't want you to think yours were left out. They were just covered already. :)  Kailia Sage, Meredith, Aik, Pamk

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Aria said...

This was a great idea for an author interview. Great questions, not so much like the run of the mill (which is good, because Mind Games is definitely not!).

I am so glad to have found this book, and that there are more to follow...hungry for more.

Thanks lady!

Books and Bane said...

Well that was a fun interview!! My TBR list is gonna look like Santa's soon!!

Thank you!!

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CrystalGB said...

What a great interview. I love how you got readers to submit questions to ask Carolyn. Carolyn's books sound good.


Bethany C. said...

It's so cool that I feel like I had a small part in 'interviewing' an author! I hope you're able to do something like this again!


Caitlin said...

I loved that you allowed your viewer to ask Carolyn their questions! It was a great interview! I loved learningt that she got her inspiation from people around her with disorders too!

Barbara E. said...

I enjoyed the interview and I thought the idea to have readers provide the questions was a lot of fun.
I haven't had a chance to pick up Mind Games yet, so I'd love to win a copy so I could start the series.


Johanna said...

Regretfully I only came here after you could submit a question, but i enjoyed reading the interview nontheless.
It's nice to learn a thing or two about the writing-process and what goes on in an author's mind.

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Robin K said...

Thank you for the contest and interview. Mind disorders run in my family too *giggles*.

I have Mind Games and would love to win a pre-order of Double Cross! I am a follower.

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Amanda Leigh said...

I'm glad you all liked this! I thought it would be fun and a bit different. You all came up with some awesome questions too! :D

Good luck w/ the giveaway everyone! Wish I could enter! lol

heatwave16 said...

Thanks for asking & answering my question. I guess its true that everyone has their own little hypochondriac running around inside of them. I think I get them after I watch the news or show on TV about a new disorder. Every little thing makes it seem like you have what they are talking about.


stacey said...

Thats was a great enterview and i loved having a small part in it.


donnas said...

Great interview and great questions. Thanks for taking the time for it. I recently read and loved Mind Games, so glad the next is on the horizon.

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Pamk said...

great interview and understand my question was already asked. This series is on my tbb list. sounds fantastic. Hope to get to it soon.

JenM said...

I really liked this interview. I think my favorite question was the one about what Justine would be like if she was written as a bad guy. Very inventive question. Thanks for the interview and the giveaway. I'm really looking forward to reading these books.

Sullivan McPig said...

Great idea to do an interview indeed. It makes for some interesting questions and answers.
And Justine teamed up with the Silver Widow? *shudders*


Anonymous said...

Got to love Alice in Chains!

Reena Jacobs said...

I read Mind Games only a few weeks ago. It's not a genre I search for myself; twitter folks recommended to me. I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it. Definitely one of the best books I've read this years.

Thanks for the great giveaway. I look forward to reading Double Cross.

bkobsessed17 said...

I'm really interested in reading Mind Games. Maybe it's because everyone I know thinks I'm also a hypochondriac???

throuthehaze said...

What you said about zinging is something I totally agree with. I have to avoid hanging around certain people because it really gets to me.
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Meredith said...

I haven't read either yet! I'd love to read them!

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allisonsbj3 said...

Thanks for this great interview! I can't wait to read this series!


EVA SB said...

"And I’ve always daydreamed scenarios and plots"

I am the same now I jus need to follow your lead and get it all down in print.

Do you daydream pictures or someone narrating a story?

Cherry said...

Lucy and Hikari asked about Carolyn's favourite songs... as I read Carolyn's answers, I wondered if songs played a part in the creative processes of Carolyn's writing...

Cherry Mischievous
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I have heard these are amazing books. I'd love to find out for myself.

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What a cool interview:) I love Carolyn. I have Mind Games, but I would love to win Double Cross.

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Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

That's so true about knowing when to ask for help! Thanks so much for the contest, I've been wanting to read this one for a while :)

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Tore said...

Please enter me in contest. I am a follower.

Nicole said...

I've heard nothing but great things about this book. It is still sitting on my TBR pile. *blush* I'll get to it, soon hopefully!


LAMusing said...

Interesting interview - and I don't think I've ever read a novel that used hypochondria in a main character. Would love to read it :)


Ina said...

wow, that was a fantastic interview - unfortunately I missed the first part about asking Carolyn...but I really enjoyed reading all the answers :)
greetings, Ina

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Dren said...

WOW! Great way to do an interview and now you've had me push this series to the top of my TBR list. Man so many books so little time! Count me in!


TheSpinecracker said...

That interview really sucked. J/K!!! I wanted to say something different.

I thought the interview was awesome! It was extremely cool to share the interview "love" around and let your fans submit questions, and even more rad that CC answered them. Just finished Mind Games myself and I loved loved loved it.