Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bday Bash ~ The Results!

I want to thank everyone for making my Giveaway-A-Day Countdown to My Birthday Bash such an awesome time! It meant a lot to me how much all the authors, crafters, and bloggers put into it! Thanks for making it truly memorable!!!

Sorry it took me a few extra days to get this done. Stupid ankle and stairs… but now you all get to suffer through my rambling while I sum up the events and announce the winners!

May 1~Intro & Rules & Swag-tastic Giveaway!

What did we learn?

  • I can’t ever be serious.
  • It’s my party so I can do what I want! ;)

What was won?

  • 5 winners receive specific swag (what was originally pictured plus Kelly Gay bookmark) ~~ Manda, taulya, Moonsanity, Carol T, Miss Bohemia
  • 2 winners receive misc. swag (what was originally pictured plus signed Kelly Gay postcard) ~~ YA Vampire Books, Spav

May 2 ~ Ask NRSVampChick & Book of Choice Giveaway!

What did we learn?

  • You all really like asking questions!
  • I’m horrible at picking favorites.
  • I’m a geek.

What was won?

  • 2 winners receive a book of choice (up to $10 in value from Book Depository or Amazon.com) ~~ R.E.B. & Spav

May 3 ~ Aria Guest Post & Steampunk Giveaway

What did we learn?

  • Aria worries for no reason.
  • Steampunk is freaking awesome!
  • I need to learn how to belly dance! lol
  • Steampunk is a popular choice on my blog! Yay! <3

What was won?

  • 1 winner receives a book of choice mentioned in this post on Steampunk from either the Book Depository or Amazon.com ~~ Jessica W
  • 1 winner receives a Steampunk handmade surprise by Aria! It’s purty! I want it! lol ~~ heatwave16

May 4 ~ Some of My Favs & a Giveaway!

What did we learn?

  • Sometimes my rambling comes in handy.
  • Back up plans are good!
  • You all liked my favs! :D

What was won?

  • 1 US or Canadian winner receives one of my books listed in this post ~~ Throuthehaze
  • 1 international winner receives one of my favorite books reviewed this year, listed here ~~ Grace

May 5 ~ Laura Stamp Interview & Giveaway!

What did we learn?

  • Laura Stamps is a dirty, dirty woman and she loves it!
  • Erotica + Vampires = Fun! Duh!
  • I don’t think it’s possible for Laura to be PG-13, but that’s okay, because we love her for it!

What was won?

  • Everyone who entered (filled out a form AND left a comment) gets a postcard signed by Laura Stamps, and they’re awesome! lol! ~~ SiNn, Linda Henderson, Nastassia, Jennifer Mathis, Julie, Andrea I, Miss Bohemia, debbie, Book Sake
  • 1 winner gets the first 3 months of A Vampire’s Kiss that were out when this started ~~ Julie

May 6 ~ Michele Hauf Interview & Giveaway!

What did we learn?

  • There is a whole new series I need to read called Rogue Angel by multiple authors under the Alex Archer pseudonym.
  • Michele’s mom made her some awesome birthday cakes when she was a kid, that me as a kid would have been completely jealous of. lol

What was won?

  • 1 US winner will receive a copy of Rogue Angel: The Bone Conjurer by Alex Archer ~~ Angie D

May 7 ~ O.M. Grey Interview & Giveaway!

What did we learn?

  • I’m not the only one with an aversion to having my picture taken.
  • Vampires, vampire slayers, and steampunk all in one book! Avalon Revisited here I come!

What was won?

  • 1 US or Canadian winner gets a signed copy of Avalon Revisited by O.M. Grey ~~ SiNn

May 8 ~ Miss Bohemia Guest Post & Giveaway!

What did we learn?

  • It’s kinda scary how much me and Jen have in common even though we live an ocean apart.
  • You all have made me add SO many books and movies to my wish list! Like it needed to be longer!

What was won?

  • 1 international winner receives the Blood Moon Pendant Vampires Versus Werewolves made by Jen/Miss Bohemia ~ Nastassia

May 9 ~ Keta Diablo Interview & Giveaway!

What did we learn?

  • Keta’s M/M romances cover the emotional side as well as the physical side of the relationship.
  • The Sin Eater’s Prince has some fascinating mythology behind it!
  • Her sons got her cowboy handkerchiefs for her birthday one year when they were little and she still has them. Awww!

What was won?

  • 1 winner will receive an ebook of The Sin Eater’s Prince ~~ Stella
  • 1 winner will receive an ebook of Holding on to Heaven ~~ Sharli
  • 1 extra giveaway was held for Hot and Sticky being released/Mother’s Day and that winner was ~~ Sarah (she’s already been contacted. I swear I haven’t forgotten you Sarah!)

May 10 ~ Faerie Moon Creations Interview & Giveaway!

What did we learn?

  • Theresa surprisingly hasn’t been making jewelry for long, but does other arts and crafts as well.
  • ETSY pretty much rocks, in case you didn’t know!
  • Her inspiration comes from all different places, and her taste in books is fabulous!

What was won?

  • 1 international winner receives the Dark Romance Earrings by Faerie Moon Creations ~~ EVA SB

May 11 ~ Nancy Holzner Guest Post & Giveaway!

What did we learn?

  • We got a nice look at some of the highlights of vampires in pop culture over the past 25 years!
  • You all seem to agree (mostly) with Nancy.
  • Could it be my love for vampires started with Sesame Street? No, that still doesn’t seem right. Some day I will figure it out…

What was won?

  • 1 international winner receives a signed copy of Deadtown by Nancy Holzner, The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice, and the bookmark with Newborn Hunger by Rebecca Sinz ~~ mountie9

May 12 ~ Carolyn Crane Guest Post & Giveaway!

What did we learn?

  • Carolyn knows an awesome psychic that told us about the next year of my life.
  • I must avoid Robert Pattinson at all costs!
  • The above point should not be at all difficult. lol

What was won?

  • 1 international winner will receive a prize pack that Carolyn collected at the RT convention! It includes bookmarks, pens, postcards, sexy playing cards, and more, plus a signed copy of Passion Untamed by Pamela Palmer ~~ Michikit

May 13 ~ My Birthday & Interview w/ Book Faery & a Giveaway!

What did we learn?

  • In case you had not yet noticed… I’m a huge dork! lol
  • Tomatoes are nasty.
  • RPGs are the shit!
  • Me and Tori get off track very easily.
  • The true image of NRSVampChick is revealed! le gasp!

What was won?

  • 1 US or Canadian winner receives a signed copy of Shadows of Myth and Legend by E.J. Stevens & swag pack ~~ Sweet Vernal Zephyr
  • 1 US or Canadian winner receives a personalized to Amanda copy of Demonkeepers by Jessica Andersen ~~ elaing8
  • 1 international winner receives a book of choice from the Book Depository or an ebook (up to $15 in value) from any of the authors that participated in this event: Laura Stamps, Michele Hauf, O.M. Grey, Keta Diablo, Nancy Holzner, and Carolyn Crane ~~ Okapi

Special Drawing for comments on the 13th!


  • Laura Stamps signed postcard
  • E.J. Stevens swag (magnet, signed bookplate, bookmarks, etc)
  • Kelly Gay signed postcard
  • Book of choice from my collection.

And this one goes to…

Paper Cut Reviewer


I will be emailing everyone in the next day or 2, but if you are just super excited about winning and want to go ahead and email me, then go right ahead. Please include your shipping info & a choice of book if one was involved. Winners have 72 hours to contact me from the time I send out their emails. If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me.

Thanks again for making my birthday such a fun and memorable experience! It really means a lot to me! <3<3<3<3


Beth (Maybe-Tomorrow.net) said...

Congrats to everyone! :)

Hope your ankle is doing better!

Thanks for hosting such an awesome line up of events! It was fun to check out each new post you had every day!

Stella (Ex Libris) said...

Oh Amanda I'm really sorry about your ankle, I hope you are better now!

Thank you for this amazing and fun celebration, we had a great time! :-D

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you! :-)

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Is your ankle a bit better now? I love the summation of our party!

Congratulations everyone!

Miranda ~ Sweet Vernal Zephyr

mountie9 said...

Hope your ankle is starting to feel better - You did a great job on this and I am not just saying that because I won ; 0

Jen (mountie9)

s7anna said...

Congratulations to all the winners!

Lanae T. said...

Congrats to everyone! What a fun blog to be following!

elaing8 said...

Thanks Amanda and congrats to the other winners

I emailed you.

MissBohemia said...

Glad to see you're back!

Congrats to all the winners!

Woo hoo I'm a winner! Yay!
Can't wait for the Swag & Laura's postcard :-)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

You did such a great job in coordinating this whole fiesta! Many congratulations to all the lucky winners. I was honored to take part in all the fun! I can't wait to mail out the earrings to the lucky winner (I hope she likes them!). Theresa :)

Nastassia said...

Your b'day bash was so much fun , you did a great job.
Congrats to all the winners!
Yay for me , I won a postcard signed by Laura Stamps and the Blood Moon Pendant Vampires Versus Werewolves made by Jen/Miss Bohemia. Thank you Amanda!!!

jacabur1 said...

I liked what we learned out of all of the other items the best, we learned that your sense of humor is pretty good and your contests were entertaining and fun!!

Congratulations to all the lucky winners of books and swag!

Amanda, be more careful on your stairs and may you NOT repeat your swan dive any time soon. Glad you are feeling well enough to get back to the blogs!!

jackie b central texas

Michikit said...

I won something? Really? OMG I'm so excited. Would I make it more easy for you if I will send you my address first?

Ps: this was such a great idea for a contest. (^_^)

Pps: Be more careful on the stairs from now.

Amanda Leigh said...

Congrats to all the winners again!
Yes, if you want to send me your info, that's faster, but I'll be getting to you all eventually. Still trying to catch up on everything from my fall. LOL

@Beth- My ankle is fine. But the rest of the left side of my body hurts still. lol I'm so glad you enjoyed the event!

@Stella- I'm doing quite a bit better. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

@Sweet Vernal Zephyr- Yeah, my ankle is fine. Wrist hurts though, but I'm ok. Glad you liked the post. I had so much fun going back through everything! lmao

@mountie9- Thanks I'm doing better. Congrats and glad you liked it!

@s7anna- Yep congrats to everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

@Lanae T- Aw thank you! :D

@elaing8- You're very welcome!

@Miss Bohemia- I'm glad to be back! I missed everyone! And congrats on your wins! Thanks for participating!

@Theresa- Thanks so much! I really appreciate your participation!

@Nastassia- I'm glad you liked it! I hope you enjoy your prizes! The necklace is sooo pretty!

@Jacabur1- I'm glad you had fun and were entertained! That was the point. And if I can add in some humor, then awesome! Oh, and I'll try not to fall down the stairs anymore.

@Michikit- Like I said, you can email me if you want. Or I'll get around to emailing everyone, hopefully tonight. I'm glad you liked it! I'll try to be more careful. LOL

<3 you all!

EVA SB said...

Yay for me i won some gorgeous earrings.

Congrats to all the other winners.

And what a great round-up!

My snail mail is disturbing electrons on its way to you at this very moment.