Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shop on Saturday (36) Valentine’s Day Edition Vol. II

Shop on Saturday is where I show a few of the things I’ve seen around the web (mostly Etsy) the past week. Over the next few weeks I hope to give you a few Valentine’s Day ideas, in case you need any. ;)

Check out last week’s Valentine’s Day Edition Vol. I Part I & Part II as well!

Shop on Saturday,SoS,Etsy,valentines,necklace,rockmyworldinc

This would make a beautiful keepsake for a loved one. Rock My World Inc makes this Sterling Silver Double Fingerprint Heart Necklace custom for you.

Shop on Saturday,SoS,Etsy,cupcakes,HelloMySweet

I get hungry just looking at these You Are Cordially Invited Cupcakes by Hello My Sweet.

Shop on Saturday,SoS,Etsy,valentines,zedszombieranch,sculpture

For the more macabre lovers, there’s this Take My Heart Zombie Skeleton Metal Sculpture by Zed’s Zombie Ranch.

Shop on Saturday,SoS,Etsy,valentines,WhiskeyBent,flask

Here’s a nice gift for the man in your life or, shoot I’d take it, so for some females as well. Lol! The Lost Highway Leather Bound 5oz Flask by Whiskey Bent.

Shop on Saturday,SoS,Etsy,lingerie,valentines,madamemignon

I do believe this Valentine’s Day Card Lingerie Set would stop anyone’s significant other in their tracks! Check out this and other cute Valentine’s items by madamemignon.


Part II is up on NRSVampChick Designs now.


Kristin said...

Great finds!! I love the take my heart skeleton.. He's adorable in a creepy sort of way!! Lol!


Valentines day said...

Good ideas and designing of the party them.Thanks for this article with detail information.

♫♥LovLivLife Reviews♥♫ said...

Wow. I am really liking the finger print Necklace!!

*Jam* said...

Oh, what a cute zombie! I want it! :)