Monday, February 28, 2011

Meet a Blogger Monday: Moirae the fates book reviews (4)


There are so many great bloggers & blogs out there. A lot of which don’t seem to be known about real well, or are new and trying to get the word out about them. So how can I help?

I wanted to start Meet a Blogger Monday mainly for the new bloggers, or less well known ones that would like a little love. This way you get to know them a bit and can go check them out for yourself!


Your name: Lily
Name of Blog: Moirae the fates book reviews
Blog Url:

Country you live in: USA

How long have you been blogging? Since September 2010

Are you mainly a book review blog or do you feature/review other things? Book reviews.

What genres do you read/review? I read everything but romance and manga. (Like from the romance section, however Karen Moning's fever series I have read, but that is more paranormal then romance.) I read YA, paranormal, horror, true crime, fiction, non-fiction, history books ect.

What age group books do you prefer (middle grade, young adult, adult)? Why? The YA genre has exploded and there are so many talented authors with wonderful stories out there. I also like a lot of the adult books, the stories are more invovled and there tends to be bigger story lines. When I want a quick read I read YA, when I want a longer more involved read, I read adult.

What’s something unique about your blog? I think just the vibe and feel my blog has is different from the others I have seen. I try t make it fun and also very to the point. I feel that the people who go to book blogs are there for book reviews and that is what I try to solely provide.

Who/what are your favorite...

Books? I have loved Catcher in the Rye for years as well as the Harry Potter books.

Series? Harry Potter is number one for me.

Authors? So many just a few are, Lauren Kate, Stacey Kade, Rachel Hawkins, Karen Marie Moning, Stephen King, Frank McCourt, Jocelynn Drake, Colleen Gleason, Dean Koontz,PJ Tracy, Brad Thor, and many more.

Literary characters? Love me some Eric Northman! Luce Price, Daniel Grigori, Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley, Holden Caufield.

Literary couples? Luce Price and Daniel Grigori from Lauren Kate's "Fallen" series.

Villains? Voldemort.

Supernatural beings? Twilight ruined vampires for me LOL I really enjoy the Fae.

About me:

I'm 24 years old, I love animals, I am in the military, been reading since I was 2 1/2. Rude people bug me. I have noticed that sometimes people with the same name have a similar personality. For example everyone I have met with the name "Lori" have been some of the funniest people I have ever met.

I love the show Supernatural, I am a Dean fangirl and I kinda hope Sam leaves the show so we get more Dean. LOL

Check out Moirae the fates book reviews now!

Thanks Lily for letting us get to know you better!


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Kristina said...

Very cool website.

GMR said...

Great "intereview"...and a wonderful post idea! Gotta check out the site but initial thoughts...sounds good. Yay for another animal lover but gasp! Cut Sam from the show? Never. (...but Dean is awesome too....undecided. Can't we have our "cake" and eat it too?) Happy reading! ^_^

Vivien said...

Harry Potter is number 1 for me too....