Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day Contest!

I’ve been sick and haven’t had access to a computer, so sorry I’m a few days late with this. Still don’t have my voice back, stupid laryngitis.

On to fun stuff! I’m giving away my autographed copy of My Zombie Valentine anthology. It’s made out to Amanda, but it’s signed by Angie Fox, so I thought some of you might like it. :)

It’s got some awesomely fun stories in it.

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Tired of vampires and werewolves? This quartet of comedic zombie romances by bestselling authors will drive you mindless with hilarity!


"Gentlemen Prefer Voodoo" by Angie Fox.
Voodoo practitioner Amie Baptiste concocts a love spell to bring her soulmate to her. However she would ask for her money back if some other voodoo queen sent whom the magic brought forth to her.

"Bring Out Your Dead" by Katie MacAlister.
Zombie life coach and English instructor to the undead Ysabelle Raleigh meets Sebastian, a vampire who claims she is his long lost beloved. She scoffs at his insistence though she thinks he is kind of cute. He must persuade her that he is serious and not just handing out a line for a quick bite in between battling despondent zombies and a teenage vampire. This entry was published as part of the Just One Sip anthology.

"Zombiewood Confidential" by Marianne Mancusi.
Unaware that art imitates life even in horror movies; makeup artist Scarlett Patterson accepts a job on a B horror flick in order to work with actor Mason Marks. She quickly learns real life contains its share of horror.

"Every Part of You" by Lisa Cach.
Angelica Sequiera visits the plastic surgeon for a minor fix but ends up on a date with Tom Haggerty.

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To enter, leave a comment telling me what you did for Valentine’s Day. Leave your email with your address, or email it to me if you don’t feel comfortable (you must still leave a comment for entry though). Contest ends February 21st, 11:59 pm EST. Open internationally.




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Teril said...

I read all night until the husband got off a late shift at work and we ate late cheese and wine for dinner. Otherwise it was not only pouring rain and two kids were sick. nice huh. We will have to pretend a different day was Vday this month and have a do over ;)
terilhack at gmail dot com

Kaya H said...

What I did for Valentine's Day was go around to all my kids parties at school with a two year old who loved it and then take the kids out for ice cream and we bought books. (sweet!) There were several new releases they all wanted, and then we went out and ate dinner with pizza. It was a great time and then we popped open a new jar of bubble bath and it was a party before bed.

kasuranna at yahoo dot com

Stephanie said...

I made white chocolate and macadamia cookies. Then, finished a paper for my English class.

Julie S said...

We don't celebrate valentine's day, so we just had a normal dinner and watched tv. We're going to celebrate 5 years since he proposed this weekend though.


YzhaBella's BookShelf said...

*Sigh* We did absolutely SQUAT this year. Not only have Funds been depressingly low, hubby just got switched to the afternoon shift for a while. Harumph, VDay alone, NOT FUN!


debbie said...

I just made a nice dinner for my son.

laceyinthesky said...

Me and my boyfriend had some drinks and he made me dinner. :)


Blodeuedd said...

Cool I am in :)
blodeuedd1 at gmail dot com

Well I bought bf a present and then he came home. Since it was really cold we stayed in and just went out for some junkfood, and ate too much by candlelight

bookaholic said...

Well...I went on a shopping spree!I bought clothes and books on Valentine's Day!And I cooked myself a fantastic dinner at night!
Happy Belated Valentine's Day!


Anne said...

I don't have a Valentine this year, so I just watched most of the CBS line up on tv and had some Haagen Daz vanilla bean ice cream.

TheGirlOnFire said...

I got dressed up and went out to dinner with my boyfriend. Then we came home and watched a movie together.

thegirlonfire27 at gmail dot com

Tore said...

I am a follower and email subscriber. Me and hubby didn't do anything for Valentines Day. We just don't have the money and just came back from a cruise. Please enter me in contest.

Bethie said...

We ordered food and had a nice dinner with the kids. We went out for an "alone" dinner last Sat.

lizzi0915 at aol dot com

dor said...

I decided to get red chunks in my hair. It looks so nice. We relaxed, cuddled and talked for the evening. Very sweet.

dorcontest at gmail dot com

♥ttlyoverit17♥♪ said...

No Valentine but I'm not a fan of VDay so it didn't bothered me. I got to enjoy CBS comedy night too!

YA Vampire Books said...

When I got home from school I cuddled up in the sofa and watched a good chickflick! :)


Ina said...

unfortunately I did nothing special for Valentine's Day - it was a day like any other and after working I relaxed and had a nice evening :)

inale87 at gmx dot at

-petit said...

I didn't do anything special. It was like any other day to me. I stayed in home, taking care of my sick dog :x

Chrisbails said...

I spent the evening with my husband and kids. we did not do much, just had a nice family supper. But it was great because i got to be with the 3 people i love the most in this world. i hope you had a great valentines even though you were sick.

Barbara E. said...

We had a Valentine dessert bake off at work, so I spent a lot of time setting up the room, eating lots of yummy desserts, and cleaning up afterwards. That was pretty much the extent of my Valentine participation.


Sharli said...

I didn't do anything special for valentine's day. I stayed home with my family :)

entrelibros_blog at

Alyssa said...

For Valentine's Day, I snuggled up in bed with a book and watched Pretty Little Liars.

mariska said...

My sisters and her family came down to my house. We had our lunch together and just watched two movies back to back :)

uniquas at ymail dot com

Anonymous said...

What did I do? LOL, I hardly remember... oh! I spent all day working on a vlog and editing it but it refused to work for me and I posted up my own giveaway annnnd pouted because my sister didn't come down with her family like she was supposed to. :( That's it.


throuthehaze said...

A friend took me out to dinner and after that we just hung out and watched movies.
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Amanda Leigh said...

Sounds like a lot of you had about as exciting of a Vday as I did. Lol! Well, minus the sick part. I laid on the couch and watched tv and movies.

If I would have been feeling good, me and my best friend were going to have an anti-Vday date. Not sure what we were gonna do, but it would have been fun. Maybe we'll have it sometime soon anyways. I could use a night out once my voice comes back. :)

linda2060 said...

I brought my gifts to my friends who took me out to breakfast. Then I spent the rest of the day making phone calls and running back and forth between my house and my neighbor's house. Not much love but it was a good day.

Katy said...

My boy took me out to eat, then we went back to his apt to watch a zombie movie marathon :) (does he know me or what) lol and he bought all the different kinds of ice cream i like :)

hense1kk AT cmich DOT edu

linda2060 said...

Oh forgot my email:

heatwave16 said...

I love Angie's work, and I've been meaning to check out her short story.

Well, my honey had to work late, so I spent the evening with our pups watching TV.


Book Flame said...
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Book Flame said...

my girls had a fever so took care of them and husband cooked dinner for the two of us

stacey said...

What I did was Read most of Bled Dry by Erin McCarthy and inter giveaways for the Valentimes Day Book Love hop.Yes this is what life is like when your Single.


xlacrimax said...

Me and my boyfriend went to his home and had a nice time together eating an ice-cream cake and trying to make me feel a bit better (because I happened to catch a cold somewhere). But we had a nice time together :)

Diana said...

I don't have a valentine but I went to the cinema with my best friend.
Thanks for the giveaway!!!

artgiote at gmail dot com

Deea said...

Well, I'm from Romania and because we have a traditional day for love here too, we don't really celebrate V Day. But we also don't want to let it pass unnoticed, so this year I celebrated with a girls night out with my roomies. It was actually really fun! And all the romantic stuff will happen on our Love Day. (Feb. 24):))
Thanks for the giveaway!



Kristin said...

Hope you're feeling better! Love your blog! Stop by and say hi if you get a chance-
Kristin @ My Bookish Ways


Hana K said...

I worked on my thesis, and then watched movies with my family while eating chocolate and cuddling with my puppy... It was a pretty cool Valentines Day =)

Thanks for the cool giveaway!!

Hana K

Tiffany Harkleroad said...

Hubby cooked for me over weekend, but on V day, I made a trail of hershey kisses from the door to the bedroom, and waited for him there with a handmade valentine saying I kissed the ground he walks on :)

tiffanyniekro at gmail dot com

CLMcCune said...

I lost the love of my life 3 years ago...That day my heart now I'm like a zombie in life...I read on valentine's Day...some time in the future I will live again :)

Mary Ellen said...

I made a nice dinner and my husband brought me chocolates. It was very nice.

BLHmistress said...

I didn't do anything other than watch a bit of tv , quite boring evening lol. I was gonna curl up with a good book but didn't even get to that.


Breanne said...

My husband was gone so I spent all day alone. I didn't get an email either :/

bmweida at yahoo dot com

viorela said...

on valentines i walked half an hour with my boyfriend through the rain to go to a job interview. i didn't get the job,but that walk/run through the rain was the most romantic thing ever.

Jowanna said...

Never to late for a giveaway. Me and the hubby had a wonderful night out. Dinner and no kid. Loved it.

Chrystal said...

I had a bad day at work and my fiancee drew a bath for me with bubbles, a bath pillow and candles. Then we snuggled with our kitties before bed - it's our family time with our fur babies. :)