Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shop on Saturday (24)

Here are my finds around Etsy this week!

It’s time for football season! Do you have a football lover & musician to shop for or are you one? Then get this Football Helmet Guitar by RichRoland.

This Parisian Spires Necklace is just one of many unique pieces by Buknu Design.

Ever wonder what you could do with that old book you have no use for anymore? Whitney’s Wish To Be made this Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary Purse.

I think this Caught at Sea Mermaid Headdress by VimaSunrider is adorable, and there are so many more to choose from!

Ever read a book where they talk about some wicked looking knife the kick-ass heroine uses? I can see one using this Handforged Railroad Spike Knife by Andrew's Wood and Metal.

This is beautiful. Go check out this Chainmail Necklace and many more by Isis Arts.

So, what do you all think this week? Anything you want to see next week?

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