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Blog Tour: Lauren Hammond Guest Post

She walks in beauty, like the night. Of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that's best of dark and bright. ~George Gordon Byron, Lord Byron.


What would you do if you could walk the lengths of earth forever? If you had the choice between death and living for all of eternity, what would your choice be?

Cara Jones didn't have a choice. The year is 1710. Cara Jones awakens to nothing but darkness. She can't figure out where she is, what she is, or why she seems to buried six feet beneath the earth's surface.

After discovering that everyone she loves had just suddenly vanished Cara sets out on a journey to London. London at night is a world Cara has never seens before, where drunkrads stagger out of pubs and harlots roam the streets. But in London, Cara finds most importantly what's she's become. She finds out why her body is changing, why she's feeding on innocent strangers, and why she can't come out during the day. It takes a man like Andrew to bring Cara to the realization of what she really is, a monster, a creature of the night, a vampire.

When writing Love Sucks, the only thing I could think about was creating and developing the character Cara Jones. I wanted my readers to know her, love her, and empathize with her. I wanted my readers to put themselves in her shoes and feel her pain, love, and heartbreak. I wanted them to ask themselves, what would I do if I were Cara Jones?

I've heard the coined phrase this is just another vampire book at least a dozen times already. I can assure you, this is not just another vampire book. For one, it's completely told through Cara. I felt the only way the readers could identify with her is if I told her story through her point of view. Secondly, the book isn't only a love story but, a character growth novel as well. We see Cara learning what she is, accepting it, and then trying to live her life out for the rest of eternity. Thridly. We begin in the 1700's but we don't end there, we slowly transition through time and make it smoothly to the year 2010.

This book began as a mental image and has evolved into so much more. It's got a little bit of everything tied into it Love. Self doubt. Revenge. So now I only have one thing left to say, are you ready to be sucked in?


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imageLove Sucks by Lauren Hammond
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Punkin House
ISBN: 978-0982735664
Publication Date: August 3, 2010


In England during the seventeen hundreds, Cara Jones had her human life ended for her and she became a creature of the night. One moment she's an adolescent young woman living her life, the next she's lurking in the streets at night looking for her next meal. The vampire slayings in England became so brutal the whole race was nearly wiped out. So Cara and the clan she called her extended family fled to the U.S. to make a home. They kept to themselves and stayed out of trouble by feeding on recently deceased corpses and cleaning out blood supplies at local hospitals. When one of the clan members makes a mistake, they are once again being hunted and Cara is the only one who makes it out alive. Cara is officially the last vampire on earth. So when Cara awakes from a two hundred year slumber, she awakes to a new city, new people, and a new way of life. Cara sets out on a journey to find her soul mate, the one person who is designed for her. Along the way she encounters a zany new friend, a jealous co worker, and a man whom she can't live without. Dr. Jared Sayers is her destiny. Will Jared give up everything he knows to be with Cara? Or will she wander the earth for the rest of eternity alone?

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