Friday, August 20, 2010

Feature a Design Friday (1)

Ok, so I quit doing the Friday Finds months ago, but I still want to do something on Fridays.  With the opening of my Etsy shop NRSVampChick Designs and my new foray into jewelry making, I decided why not show you a new design of mine on Friday.

At first I thought about combining this with Shop on Saturday, but I want to keep that about showcasing the talent of so many others. I don’t want to make it about promoting myself. So, I’ll use Friday to shamelessly promote my own stuff. Lol. Just kidding. Honestly, I want your feedback. You all are awesome and honest, so I figured it would be an amazing chance to both get what I’m doing out there a little and find out what you all think. What works? What doesn’t? What should I make sure I don’t buy supplies for ever again? Lol.

So, here is one of the newest things added to my shop!

I’ve always loved Ireland and have read a lot of books and legends based around it. That was what was on my mind when I made these. I kind of don’t want to part with them, but I want to share the Emerald Isle love! Lol. :)

1 comment:

Faerie Moon Creations said...

These earrings are super cute! I love the green beads you used here. Nice job! Theresa