Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CSNstores.com Product Review: DVD Storage Cabinet & Stand

Do you all remember how I told you a while ago that I was going to do a product review for CSNstores.com. Well here it is!

First off, let me tell you that picking what I wanted from CSNstores.com took me hours of searching through their 200+ websites, then when I was sure of what I was looking for I had to decide which DVD storage cabinet or shelf I wanted from their Racks and Stands site. Let me tell you I was in desperate need of some DVD storage. They had overtaken my bookshelf. That simply could not do, because as you all know, as fellow book lovers, I have a lot of books and need my bookshelf for them. Enter in CSNstores.com to save the day! I didn’t have a lot of room right now for any kind of big cabinet, but I decided what would be great would be two things that could serve more than one purpose in the future should I need them to do so. So here’s what I got!

The Atlantic Canoe Wood Cabinet & the Atlantic Framework 120 CD/60 DVD Stand









It only took a few days for them to get to my house. For once instead of taking the maximum amount of time given in the delivery date range, this took the least amount of time. How did they arrive at my house? Like this:

In My Mailbox,IMM

So who put them together? Me! Let me just tell you, I am accident prone, hadn’t put anything together in a long time, and this was when my wrist was still sprained or twisted or whatever me and the stairs had done to it. Yet I put them both together, all by myself. (Yes I felt very proud of myself for this. And yes I had to ice my wrist the next day. lol)

The end results:

CSNstores.com,CSN,NRSVampChick,DVD shelf

CSNstores.com,CSN,NRSVampChick,DVD shelf

Am I happy with what I got? Absolutely! Will I order from CSNstores.com again? You can count on it!

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Heather (DarklyReading) said...

Yay - put together with no accidents! ;) It looks nice - you have a much bigger DVD collection than I do..I think I have 6 or 7..