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Review: Sing Me to Sleep- by Angela Morrison


Beth has always been “The Beast”—that’s what everyone at school calls her because of her awkward height, facial scars, and thick glasses. Beth’s only friend is geeky, golden-haired Scott. That is, until she’s selected to be her choir’s soprano soloist, and receives the makeover that will change her life forever.


When Beth’s choir travels to Switzerland, she meets Derek: pale, brooding, totally dreamy. Derek’s untethered passion—for music, and for Beth—leaves her breathless. Because in Derek’s eyes? She’s not The Beast, she’s The Beauty.


When Beth comes home, Scott, her best friend in the world, makes a confession that leaves her completely torn. Should she stand by sweet, steady Scott or follow the dangerous, intense new feelings she has for Derek?


The closer Beth gets to Derek, the further away he seems. Then Beth discovers that Derek’s been hiding a dark secret from her …one that could shatter everything.
(Blurb from publisher's website)

Sing Me To Sleep is a young adult novel written by Angela Morrison. It's a bit different than what I usually review on here, because it is in no way paranormal, but I read it and thought I'd share it with you.

Beth is an outcast at school in Port, Michigan. She's grown up being the ugly duckling and always picked on, especially by a select group of jocks. Now she has the lovely nickname of "The Beast". The only friend she has is Scott, her nerdy, but turning handsome best friend. He constantly flirts with her, but she thinks he only does it to be nice, which hurts her even worse.

There's one escape for Beth, and that is singing. Her high school has a choir, but that isn't where her heart is. She drives a hundred miles twice a week to be in an all girls choir named Bliss. Due to the previous soloist's horrid stage fright, Beth ends up singing a solo in a song, and the girls get to compete in Switzerland in the Choral Olympics. Before they can do that though, it's decided that Beth needs a makeover so that her looks match her angelic voice.

In Lausanne, Switzerland, Beth and her new friends in Bliss meet some guys from Amabile Boys' Choir in London, Canada, including the gorgeous star soloist Derek, who is in love with Beth's voice. There's a group of them that do everything together, and Beth starts falling hard for Derek. The only thing is that there is something Derek is hiding, but is it what Beth thinks, or could it be even worse?

When their time is up in Switzerland, Derek and Beth decide they want things to continue between them, since really they don't live that far from each other. Beth just wasn't expecting Scott to be waiting for her and declaring how he's always felt about her. What is a girl to do?

I really had a hard time liking Beth off and on throughout this book. Well, that is until I figured out what the problem was. She reminded me of all my worst insecurities from my teenage self and my first serious relationship. So, I guess that would be an author nailing things pretty good for me. LOL.

This book was a great coming of age book about Beth. She grows up a lot, learns about life, and learns about love. Mostly she just learns to love herself. It's a pretty emotional book, but it's a great read. All the characters are wonderful. I don't think there's anyone I don't like, well other than the school bullies, but can I get a duh there. So, as a great break from my usual paranormal, this was wonderful, and I just might have to start featuring a non-paranormal book every week or so!

*I received this ARC copy of Sing Me to Sleep through a contest at The Story Siren.

To learn more about Sing Me to Sleep and to hear Beth's Song, which you can read about in the book, check out Angela Morrison's website.

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