Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall Into Fantasy Event: Brenna Yovanoff Interview & Giveaway! [CLOSED]

This is part of the Fall Into Fantasy Event put together by The Bookish Type!

Brenna Yovanoff,Blog ImagesI want to thank Brenna Yovanoff so much for joining us today!

Amanda: Would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself?

Brenna: Thanks for having me, Amanda!  Some things about me: I'm short, with long yellow hair, and I like dresses, Sweetarts, and horror movies.

Amanda: Where did the idea for The Replacement come from?

Brenna: The short answer is, I have no idea.  The longer answer is more complicated, but not very dramatic.  I've always been interested in changelings and had been toying around with the idea of writing a contemporary changeling story for a long time.  Then one day, it just seemed like the right day to start!

Amanda: Who is your favorite character from The Replacement?

Brenna: This changes pretty much every day, but today I really like the Morrigan.  She was always very fun to write, and I enjoy her level of weirdness.

Amanda: Was there a scene that was particularly difficult to write?The Replacement,Brenna Yovanoff,book cover

Brenna: Some of the hardest scenes to write were the ones involving Mackie's dad.  It took me quite awhile to figure out his voice and motivations, and each scene had to be quiet and purposeful.

Amanda: What are your favorite genres and authors to read?

Brenna: I really like gritty contemporary YA with a great voice and fascinating characters.  I especially love John Green, Adam Rapp, and Laurie Halse Anderson.

Amanda: Is there a certain literary character that you've been able to identify with the most?

Brenna: On multiple occasions, I have been compared to Luna Lovegood.  I'll leave it at that.

Amanda: Are faeries and changelings (like Mackie) your favorite types of paranormal beings or is there something else?

Brenna: While I've always found the idea of changelings to be very fascinating, my personal favorite creatures would probably be demons and ghosts, with demons taking a slight lead.

Amanda: What are you working on now?

Brenna: I'm currently in the middle of edits on a book about demons, monsters, nightmares, and true love, which should be out from Razorbill/Penguin next fall.

Amanda: Will you be making any appearances anywhere in the near future?

Brenna: I currently don't have a lot of dates lined up but I expect to be signing in Fort Collins, Colorado in early December, and there's been some talk of going farther afield sometime early next year, in which case, I will announce the dates on my website.
Thanks so much for having me!


You can find Brenna around the web:

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You can read my review of The Replacement HERE.

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Now it’s time for a giveaway!

I’m giving away my copy of The Replacement and a necklace inspired by the book which will be revealed the day the winner is announced! (My fall has limited what I’ve been able to do, sorry.)

The Replacement,Brenna Yovanoff,book cover

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Vampires and Tofu said...

I've been wanting to read this one since I first saw the cover a million years ago...
Love the sound of the new book...demons and true love =)

Casey (The Bookish Type) said...

Great interview! I loooove Luna Lovegood! I'm sure they meant the comparison as a compliment =)

Kristen said...

Great Interview! I have read so many great reviews and I cannot wait to read this book!

My Bloody Fairy Tale

Tanya1224 said...

I've never heard of this book before until now. I read the summary and your review and it sounds really good and very different from what I normally read. Thanks and please count me in this contest.

Robin K said...

The book you are currently writing sounds great Brenna. Cannot go wrong with Demons and true love ;)

robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

Moirae(thefates) book reviews said...

Awesome interview! I first heard about this book from another author who had read it and said how wonderful it was. I trust the author as her books are some of my favorites so since then, this book has been on my wish list!



latishajean said...

I really enjoyed the interview. I heard so many great things about this book I can't wait to read it.Great giveaway thank you so much for the chance !

Anonymous said...

I am so in love with this cover. I'm not really into the young adult genre but I've been curious about this book and funny thing, Monday my bestie, Lula, was showing my pictures of books she seen that she wanted and told me I had to help her get them and this was one of them, lol. So here I am trying to get her a book. She'll love me for ever if I get this.

Know what would be awesome?If they made posters of this cover, lol. I really want that cover.

Bethie said...

Great interview. I would love to win this. Thanks for the giveaway. I just love this cover. It is so creepy!!!

lizzi0915 at aol dot com

Linda Henderson said...

I've been wanting to read this ever since I first heard about it. I think it sounds very intriguing.

seriousreader at live dot com

Amanda Leigh said...

@Vampires and Tofu- Me too! I saw still remember seeing it on someones Friday Finds months ago and the cover was so awesome I new I would have to read it!

@Casey- Luna is pretty awesome! :)

@Kristen- Thanks glad you liked it!

@Tanya1224- I'm glad I was able to introduce you to a new book! :D

@Robin K- I'm a sucker for demons myself. lol

@Moirae(the fates) book reviews- I've found some great books from author recommendations too.

@latishajean- You're very welcome. I just wanted to give more people a chance to read it. :)

@Jessica Rabbit- This definitely isn't your typical young adult novel. I definitely agree on wishing I had a poster of it though. That would be so awesome!!!

@Bethie- The cover is fantastic!

@Linda Henderson-Thanks for entering.

Good luck everyone!! :D

linaramz said...

I can't wait to read this one! It sounds awesome and different, and the cover is so awesomely creepy. Love it!

linaramz at yahoo dot com

Jolene Allcock and Family said...

I love the cover to this book, very unique. I have never read a book about changelings, definately out of the norm for the moment. There are so many books out about Vampires and Shifters that this goes in a different direction. Sounds like something I want to read. Great interview

Onge said...

Great interview! I can't wait to read this book. It sounds so interesting and I love the cover!

Rhianna said...

I have to agree with many of the other commentors, I LOVE this cover. That said, this is one of a handful of books this year that just have sounded so fresh and exciting. Great interview!


Anonymous said...

Great interview! I love the sound of this book and I want to read it SO BADLY!

twilightforever.edward at gmail dot com

Marcie said...

I've heard so many great things about this book! Thanks for the interview and giveaway.

Tina said...

i love the cover of The Replacement and can't wait to read it! It's so deliciously creepy. Thanks for the chance to win!
melodiousrevelry (at) gmail (dot) com

Amanda Leigh said...

@linaramz- I'm so glad you want to read it!

@Jolene Allcock and Family- I mean we all know I love my vampires and all, but I'm with you. It was so refreshing to read a completely different book! Changelings don't pop up in books every day and they're fascinating! Not only are they in this book, the man character is one, it was awesome!

@Onge- You should definitely read it!

@Rhianna- With you on the cover love! No one was happier than me when it came time for choosing books for Fall Into Fantasy and The Replacement was on the list!

@Kailia Sage- It was totally worth the wait for me!

@Marcie- Yeppers!

@Tina- The cover is awesome! Creepy and attention grabbing.

Good luck everyone! :)

elaing8 said...

Great interview. I've been wanting to read this since I first read about it.
I actually like both cover versions of this book.

Tore said...

I have been waiting to read this book since it came out. I am a follower and email subscriber. Please enter me in contest.

dor said...

Always nice to get to know a little about the author. This book sounds fascinating and her new book sounds very interesing with demons, ghosts, nightmares, true love, etc. Must be so fun preparing for a new book. Thanks.

dorcontest at gmail dot com

Julie said...

This book sounds really good. I'd like to read it. Oh yea, and hurray for short people. :)


Lindsay said...

I love all kinds of paranormal books to read and I've been itching to read this one for awhile, especially since its about something that hasn't really been done before. And I loved reading the interview too. :)

lindsaydevine (at) bellsouth (dot) net

Anonymous said...

The books looks really good! Creepy! :D

rtroyersweetgirl (at) hotmail (dot) com

skyla11377 said...

This book sounds so good. From the first moment I heard about this book I wanted it. Then when I saw the cover I knew I had to have it. There is just something about this book that draws me to it. I would LOVE to be entered into this giveaway.


Anne said...

This is the irst I've heard of this book. The cover is so striking, I'm sure I would have remembered it. Did I miss a review?

Teresa (Read All Over) said...

Ooo I really like the idea of changelings as demons instead of fairies. Sounds like such a great book!


Amanda Leigh said...

@elaing8- Me too!

@Tore- It was worth the wait for me. :)

@dor- I'm definitely looking forward to the next book!

@Julie- LOL!

@Lindsay- Yeah, the uniqueness of the story is probably my favorite thing. Well, maybe.

@rosie1234- Yeah, creepy works. ;)

@skyla11377- See I saw it first then heard what it was about. lol

@Anne- Glad I could help spread the word. Yep my review is here:

@Teresa- I will not comment so I don't give anything away. LOl! ;)

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Luna Lovegood!! That is an awesome character to be compared too :) Thank you for the contest!!

inthehammockblog at gmail dot com

JenM said...

I can't remember when I've seen a book that had a cover that so perfectly compliments it. As soon as I saw the cover, I had a feeling it was going to be about Changelings. I don't usually read YA, but that's a subject that fascinates me so I'd love to give this book a try. Thanks for the giveaway.

jmspettoli said...

First of all I have to get this out there that I absolutely love the cover! However, when I read the book blurb it didn't seem to be a book for me. But once I started reading more about it (interviews, reviews, etc.) it is definitely growing on me and I quickly added it to my TBR pile.

Thanks for the interview and giveaway!

spettolij AT gmail DOT com

Aik said...

I've always wanted to read this book! The Replacement has been on my wish list for quite some time. BTW, Brenna looks cute!

aikychien at yahoo dot com

baddict17 said...

Luna Lovegood!! Lol! I think Brenna sounds very fun from the interview! I'm also a HUGE fan of gritty contmeporary YA-thanks for the defintion, I could never think of one before :-)

Danielle @ Romance Book Junkies said...

I've heard so many great things about this book and the trailer was a little creepy so all that makes me want it even more. Great interview!

romancebookjunkiesdanielle at yahoo dot com

Theresa M said...

I've been dying to read this book!!! Looks fantastic!

Thanks for the giveaway! Can't wait to see what the necklace looks like!

Amy said...

Great giveaway! I have been itching to read this book FOREVER. And this is doubly awesome because I love your jewelry, too! :)

Anonymous said...

I love when books inspire art. the cover is gorgeous and I'm sure the necklace is too. I can't wait to read the story.

ninefly said...

i really adore the art for this cover, it really draws attention, just as much as the name and the concept
hope i get a chance to read this soon! =)


Jessica said...

I've read a few reviews about this book and it sounds really good! I love the idea. Thanks for the oppurtinity to win it! E-mail:

kjovus - my life with books said...

I have been on the library waiting list for the replacement since it was released. I have wanted to read it since seeing the cover
I have really enjoyed following your blog, thanks for all of your hard work.

kjovus - my life with books said...

I visited your etsy store, do you make all of the jewelry yourself? You do a great job, I really liked the asian coin necklace.
Demons and true love? There is nothing better than a conflicted love story!

Lora1967 said...

I am fighting illitaracy in my highschool. The books i win I read i donate to Middletown High School. I live in a low income community and they dont have the funds for books. So i hope we win. Thanks for the giveaway

Lora1967 said...

I would like to have this book to donate it to our local highschool library. We live in a low income community and Middletown High school dont have the oportunity to get current books. So i would read it then find it a permanant home at Middletown Highschool Library. The students would love to get this book Thanks for the gveaway.

Tura Lura said...

I've been intrigued by this book since I first saw the cover months ago. Having read the summary, I decided I must read it. Now that I'm seeing reviews for it, I want to read it even more!

TL, she who hates being unemployed...

Momo (Books Over Boys) said...

Wow! Awesome interview :) I've heard a lot about this book! Can't wait to read it! Thanks for sharing!

booksoverboys at hotmail dot com

Amy said...

Great interview!
This book cover grabbed my attention at first sight because it looks so creepy! Knives and scissors over a baby's carriage?? Oh my!


Lora1967 said...

I have been wanting to read this book. The books i win i read and donate to the Middletown High School. They have no money for new books so they have no current books. I took clockwork angel in and a few more and the librarian cried. So now thats what i do with my books. So if i win this book it will have a good home in the end!