Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shop on Saturday

Todays Shop on Saturday is going to be from shops around Etsy.


From Space Dog Studios, this is the bookmark I needed for some of the books I’ve read, especially in school.  It’s also a small personalized notebook that can be filled with your notes as you read.  Nifty huh?


Rhymes With Magic has the perfect earrings for most of us I think! Look at these awesome earrings that say Book Freak!  There is plenty of other book jewelry there too!


Velvet Otterhound has turned this vintage earring into a gorgeous bookmark!


Lilliput Studios has this lovely necklace that can be personalized for any booklover!


Gurly Girl has this Fleur d’lis leather bracelet for men.  Don’t worry ladies, her shop mostly has jewelry for women, even a few bookmarks, but I had to share this because I think it’s awesome!


Four Chamber Forge has this Mahogany Wooden Journal.  That is such a beautiful journal!


Last but not least, from Pearlie Girl, you can make a personalized, handforged copper bookmark!  Will not necessarily match the one pictured.  Can be made to your liking.


The Library Lurker said...

All of that stuff is so cool! I'll have to check out more! By the way, you got an award on my blog!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

that first bookmark is really cool! Love that you can keep notes on it. and the wooden notebook is adorable. :)


Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Love the ear rings!