Thursday, January 27, 2011

In Need of Organization…

Why oh why can I never get organized? If you follow me on twitter you might hear me talk constantly about the need to get off of there and clean or organize. Every time I think I’ve managed it, I realize there’s something else I need. Hopefully can come to my rescue! Their modern furniture might be just what I’ve been looking for and if not, I’m sure one of their other 200+ stores will have something! I guess it’s not really what I can manage to find, but how I’ll choose!


No, not the tv, the tv stand. LOL! Though a tv would be nice… or a camera… or… *sigh* I always need something. ;)


Hannah Kincade said...

I am constantly organizing and trying to improve the look of things. It's an endless battle! LOL! That tv stand looks nice though, I may have to check out that website.

Amanda Leigh said...

Glad I'm not the only one! Lol! I swear every time I think I have everything just how I want it, I have a mess again and am in need of something else. ARGH!

Seriously though, rocks & has so many things to choose from for all your organizing needs. ;)