Friday, December 11, 2009

Review: Circus of the Damned- by Laurell K Hamilton

Adventures continue with Anita Blake, zombie-queen, police paranormal expert, and possible human servant to the Master of the City. It seems Anita will never be safe as long as she knows Jean Claude's identity. Radical human groups, police, vampire hunters, and rogue master vampires are all out to get him. How better to find the mysterious master than through such a well known human. Besides, humans are the easier target, right?
Also, thrown into the mix is the mysterious Richard Zeeman. He is under the control of Jean Claude, but why? For the first time in a long time Anita is drawn to a man, but it is possible that whatever secret hold Jean Claude has on him could be detrimental to their relationship. Then there is the ever confusing relationship between Anita and Jean Claude. Though she is drawn to him, she refuses to give in to him. Perhaps it is finally time for Anita to decide where her loyalties truly lie.
I think that so far I'm enjoying these books more and more as I get to know the characters. The murder mysteries, near death experiences, and continuing experiences with Jean Claude have me really enjoying this series. Plus, its always great when there is a woman that can take care of herself and kick some paranormal or human butt in the process!

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Anonymous said...

Who do you prefer so far, Jean Claude or Richard?

Amanda Leigh said...

I have to go with Jean Claude all the way. Even though he does stuff that I don't like sometimes, I still love him. Richard, I already feel that I'm not going to like him later...